My laptop hates WordPress (plus I have thoughts on a couple movies and my first digital layout)!

Apparently WordPress got word that I thought I had figured out this whole posting thing because my last 30 minutes spent with somewhat detailed reviews on the last two movies I watched have just been eaten alive, once again.  And I got cocky and I didn’t copy it.  So, here’s the quicker version cause I just can’t do it again.

The movies of late:  The Departed and Marie Antoinette.  Here’s how I grade most of my movies.  I usually think about replay value, tears (cause I cry at EVERYTHING), music, imagery, story, etc.  So, here’s the breakdown on a scale of 1 to 5.

The Departed
Overall, definitely worth the two and a half hours.  Best picture good?  Nope.  An entertaining afternoon spent biting your nails wondering what the hell’s going on?  Absolutely.

  • Replay Value: 1 1/2 – Now that I know all the secrets I really don’t have any desire to watch it again.
  • Tears: 0 – There was too much tension and blood for that.
  • Music: 2 – The music was fitting and really good but was most definitely background.
  • Imagery: 2 1/2 – Some of the techniques and editing were good and helped set the pace but when I talk imagery I think “Hero” (that’s a 5 for me, the Jet Li version that is, not the one with Dustin Hoffman).
  • Story: 4 – Thoroughly enjoyable.  It was tense and suspenseful and well acted (and I’m willing to overlook the fact that at one moment I was ready to throw the whole thing out the window).  Leonardo DiCaprio was really good and Mark Wahlberg was even better.

Marie Antoinette
Loved it!  It took a minute, but by the end I was sold.  Now, I don’t think Mark would have liked it at all.  It definitely isn’t a chick-flick, though, either.  I’m happy I watched it and I’m going to add it to my collection.  Oh yeah, and I’m running out to get the soundtrack, like, now.

  • Replay Value:  3 1/2 – There was one moment where I thought, “I really can’t stand Sofia Coppola.”  It didn’t last too long, but that’s why I knocked down the replay value.  I’m sure I’ll have some fast forward moments.
  • Tears:  3 – We all know how the story ends so you would think it’s gonna be a little emotional.  I was surprised, though, that I was shedding some tears towards the end.
  • Music:  5 – The soundtrack was fantastic.  It made the movie.  The way the music and the images felt in the trailer was what made me want to see it in the first place.  I didn’t know if that was going to be enough to sustain the whole thing (cause I remember the remake of Romeo & Juliet).  It was and then some.  My favorite Cure song, Plainsong, was one of the turning points for me and it’s part of the reason I want to watch it again.
  • Imagery:  3 1/2 – Really, this is the other reason why I want to watch it again.  The only reason I knocked it down was because of the afore mentioned feeling of dislike towards Sofia Coppola.  Some of the “artsy” perspectives didn’t feel right and didn’t flow for me.  On the flip side, though, the colors and images associated with the decadence and disregard really embodied it and helped create the tragic image of Marie Antoinette.
  • Story:  4 – I enjoyed it.  It was extravagant and exhilarating and tragic.  If you try it and you don’t like it, give it at least until Marie and Louis take the throne.  That was the turning point for me.

So, that brings me to the new beginning – my first digital layout!  I liked the images in Marie Antoinette so much I wanted to scrap it.  That was a technical challenge today as my computer froze and I lost the first version.  The second try turned out even better, though.  I’m really happy and now completely exhausted and tired of looking at this computer.  Check the layout below (click on the thumbnail for the larger image).  ‘Til next time!

Marie Antoinette


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2 Responses to My laptop hates WordPress (plus I have thoughts on a couple movies and my first digital layout)!

  1. Karen says:

    Great reviews and love the layout. Who knew Marie Antoinette was a shoe freak??
    That distorted tag looks kind of funky. Were you intending that? Don’t know if you’re aware that holding the shift key when you stretch an object (in PS and PSE) keeps the perspective. But it looks pretty cool the way you’ve done it.

  2. kissthelibrarian says:

    Thanks, Karen! I do know the PS tip. What I was originally thinking was that if it was an in-hand layout, the shadow from the DVD copy would mean it was standing out from the page and then if I layed the tag on top of that, that bottom end would stand out even more. So I was playing with the perspective and just missed the mark. I went back and changed it shortly after but I haven’t had a chance to repost yet.

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