Now I remember…

…why I love Veronica Mars so much.  This season has been challenging and I didn’t realize until tonight how much I missed it during this most recent hiatus (courtesy of the Pussycat Dolls – yeck).  I didn’t expect to feel this way but – I REALLY missed it!

***Potential Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t watched tonight yet***  

So, if you didn’t catch it yet it was a typical Veronica episode.  Nothing special, I don’t think.  But what used to be typical Veronica was great TV.  This week was enough to rekindle the flame and that comes with both the good and the bad.  It’s good that we can enjoy it again and get excited again.  But it’s bad because of what looms on the horizon – FBI fast-forward, cancellation, who knows!

What I do know tonight?  I love Piz!!!!  I wasn’t supposed to because I was a hardcore LoVe fan – Logan was the ultimate.  It’s just like the classic Bangel vs. Spuffy argument.  I loved Buffy and Spike and I wanted them to get together and I wasn’t disappointed in the end.  During the whole thing though I believed that it was really Buffy and Angel that were destined to be together in the end.  Eventually it would happen.  Even in knowing that, I still loved Buffy and Spike.

The same goes for Veronica and Piz.  I think that someday down the road if we were to revisit the whole thing Veronica and Logan would wind up together.  For the time being, though, I’m totally into Piz and I’m happy they’re finally getting on with it.  Now I’m afraid that Rob Thomas is going to screw it all up next week.  That seems to be the pattern this year.

For now I’ll fall asleep with visions of Piz and Veronica and be happy and excited and looking forward to next week’s Veronica – even if it’s just for a moment.  And I’ll pray to Media and the TV gods to keep it on the air just a little longer.  


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