I hate Dustin Diamond…

Once in a while I have the tendency to get sucked into trash TV.  Surprised?  Probably not much.

 I don’t know how it happens.  I’ve been trying to fill my time with only things that really make me happy.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been able to fit the urge to fill my time with garbage with a good book (did I mention how much I love Charlaine Harris?) but tonight it didn’t happen.

A small portion of my soul was sucked out by The Real World:  Las Vegas Reunited.  Oh god – I don’t want to talk about that.  My downfall was the fact that VH1 and MTV are next to each on my cable stations.  So – here I am watching Celebrity Fit Club.  And, as the title claims, I REALLY hate Dustin Diamond.  The worst part is, even on Saved By The Bell I hated him.  Now I have to keep dealing with it.

1.  He’s gross
2.  He’s a cheat
3.  He’s one of those people who thinks everyone should worship him because of some geek that he played on TV over 10 years ago.  And he’s the first person to back up his words with “I’ll call my lawyer” instead of brute force.
4.  I did say he was gross, right?

I can’t believe this happened tonight.  I’ve really tried hard.  Sometimes the TV gods are just to strong I guess.

On a good note, though, I’m completely and utterly addicted to So You Think You Can Dance.  That may be trash to some but it’s good trash to me…at least it’s not suckig out pieces of my soul a little at a time.


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17 Responses to I hate Dustin Diamond…

  1. taylor dixon says:

    Thank you. Thank you. I just watched the season finale, and I have seen a few other episodes. I hate him, with passion. He is a deutsche however you spell that. I hope he dies alone knowing that not a single person on the planet likes him.

  2. Trish says:

    Oh my dear God can someone please shut that loser up. First off Kimberly Locke and Cletus have every right to beat him till he bleeds for messing with family and using indecent references to a respectable woman. Cletus I believe said it best. Even though he won because dick head caused so much controversy they put the camera on him. Let me tell you something if anyone gives him a show not only will I refuse to watch it but I will cut the whole network out because I refuse to support an asshole. Thanks for the ventilation.

  3. ny says:

    Dustin Diamond is a drain on society. I wish I never loved Saved by the Bell as much as I did because I feel that the majority of my childhood was spent watching someone who turned into such a complete and utter disgusting specimen. DEATH to DIAMOND.ALso, I live in Wisconsin….if anyone knows his address, let me know =)

    • dustinhater says:

      Dustin Diamond is immediately recognized as the kid with no talent who had a role on SBTB. He is stupid, untalented, and exceptionally ugly.

  4. agreer says:

    I have to agree. The guy is a huge loser. Why for the love of God do they keep putting him on Celebrity Fit Club? I can’t stand to watch it because he is so conceded that he makes everything into an issue about him. Obviously he can’t get past the fact that he is a nobody. He needs to just leave CFC and drop off the face of the earth. I am guessing that he probably fights with everyone in CFC because he is too much of a wimp to actually perform the tasks. He needs to get a life. He is washed up and as previously stated, a complete drain on society.

  5. I Hate Dustin Dimond says:

    Dustin Dimond is the biggest puss I have ever seen on televion. This guy has chumped out on every challange there has been on fit club. He acted like he was going to be the man, yet he has consistantly been out preformed by a women who had a baby lesss than three month before the show. All he can come up with is I will call my lawyer or manager aka his girlfriend. I think america would pay good money to see harvy kick his butt. But I am sure he would come up with an excuse to back out!

  6. Bill says:

    Dustin Diamond…The first to scream, the first to quit, the first to think that just because someone says you suck, it’s because he’s a person of Jewish descent. He is one of the laziest people I have ever seen on Celebrity Fit Club. And true he has been out performed by Tina Yothers, Toccara, Sommore, and even skanky Erin Moran. (things that make you go Brrrrrrrr) The only reason he goes on the show is for exposure and a paycheck, because he really has nothing else going for him, he is not funny, yes I have seen his stand-up, He can’t really act. My advice to him would be, quit being a puss and man up, oh wait, do you have to call your lawyer? No this is not a personal attack, I am sure that you are a fine excuse for a human being when the camera is off. But dude, chill out, life goes on if you are a dick or not! So why not be an example for people to get along.

  7. Cloggs says:

    KJ Atkins, your racist comments and disrespect to the millions of Jews who suffered and were killed, in the most horrible way under the Nazi regime, sickens me.

    I thought Dustin Diamond was a lame comic, but you are just the saddest excuse for a human being ever with clearly no talent for comedy with your piffy one liners. Either you do not think when you open your mouth, or are a psychopath, with no ability for empathy at all.

    And no, I’m not Jewish, or related to any Jewish people – I just hate moronic, biggotted little tramps like you.

  8. kissthelibrarian says:

    So, I’ve been approving comments over the last couple of weeks very quickly and apparantly haven’t been paying close enough attention to the content all the time. If I had been it wouldn’t have taken this last comment from Cloggs to call my attention to the prior comment from kj Atkins. I am sick that that was on my blog and have since deleted it.

    There’s no place for that garbage here.

    Thanks, Cloggs, for calling it out. I’m sorry I didn’t catch it myself.

  9. highheels says:

    Dustin Diamond is a prick. He wants everyone to bow at his feet because he did what……? Only 4 things come to mind: 1.Saved By The Bell 2.Made a sex video 3.Thought that people actually gave a sh*t because he pissed away all his money on God knows what and then cried for help because he couldn’t pay his mortgage…..4.Showed everyone exactly how big of a vagina he on Celebrity Fit Club – I met him at a bar one night while working…..and if you ever are “graced” with his presence don’t EVER call him Screech! Oh no……..his name is Dustin Diamond and how dare you even try to give him a little bit of credit for the ONE thing he has actually done with his life in regards to his career. It’s no wonder he has no fans. I was actually told by my employer that after calling him “Screech” his manager/lawyer/whore whatever was demanding that I write an apology!! Screech was so upset about my so-called “disrespect” that he refused to appear at any other bars until an apology was in place. Come to find out…he DID make it to another one of the bars….Oh….and one of the employee there was also asked of the same demand. Screech…word to the wise: Respect is earned, not demanded. Oh yeah…and when you told me you wouldn’t dance because if you had one “slip up” you would be “done” – well….you already were and more so than ever now. If I were you I’d stop making myself known.

  10. moreswift says:

    this guy screech he’s a real piece of work fucking asshole

  11. Kenzie =) says:

    wow!!! I used to love screech! Now he’s just a PRICK!!! I wish someone would go find that asshole and kick his skinny little ass!!!! :•} all he is…is a cheat….a PUSS!…..and….as you all already know…..the biggest DOUCHE BAG on this planet!!
    I really loved ‘highheels’ comment!!! :)so funny! And SOOO true!(:

    Have a great day (unless this is dustin diamond reading this…. In that case……go fuck yourself you prick!!!!!). :•)(•:

  12. TTTRRR says:

    I hate dustin diamond! He is a joke. I hope he dies asap. I feel sorry for people who know him and have to spend time with him. I feel sorry for anyone who even knows who he is. He played an idiot back in the day and he was not even good at it. He is the scum of the earth I bet his mother doesn’t even love him.

  13. elm says:

    he’s the WORST, UGLIEST most pathetic “actor” I have ever seen… He’s so hard to watch because he’s just so repulsive. And he has proven to be just as disgusting in real life!!!

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Tanasia says:

    That sex tape made me want to throw up. He’s a manwhore, he is sicck.

  16. stephen ardrey says:

    I am currently working on arranging a fight with Dustin Diamond. I have posted the videos on youtube. Just search Dustin Diamond Vs. Stephen Ardrey. If anyone knows how to contact him please leave a comment.

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