Haim or Feldman?

Just admit it – you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I, myself, was always, ALWAYS, a Haim girl.  I couldn’t get enough.  He, alongside Kirk Cameron and Andrew McCarthy, graced the walls of my bedroom in pin-ups ripped from my Bop magazines.  Everyone I knew was in love with one or the other – never both – and this was my path.

And I’m sure you can figure out where this is leading, right?  (If you can’t then you must be living uder a rock with no cable).  Yep – the Two Coreys.  Another dose of “reality” which has pinpointed my demographic like a laser-sight on a rifle.  I HAD to watch and now, after catching up on episodes for the first time, I am not ashamed to admit that I like it!

I remember last year or the year before when VH-1 ran the 100 greatest teen stars and I was faced with the harsh reality that Corey Haim had gone all C.C. Deville and ballooned into a bizarre distortion of the teenager I used to hang on my wall.  I had tears in my eyes – it was the first time I had seen him since.  Now, having kicked the drugs and the weight he bears a much greater resemblence to the Corey I remember (with the exception of the weird mouth thing that happens when he talks which must be the unfortunate result of too many drugs for too much time) and I feel a lot better.

And it makes me laugh.

I watched an episode tonight where Feldman was planning a surprise party for Haim’s 35th (he’s the same age as Mark – I always knew I could have married him) and the plans go slightly awry when Haim’s Mom decides that the strip club is out and an ice rink is in.  Feldman’s comment about how now we have “Haim on Ice” made me laugh out loud and continues to make me laugh now as I think about it again. 

I think the show works if you were of the generation of the Coreys – and if you’re willing to overlook the blatant over-acting of Feldman and his wife in the quasi-interview interludes throughout.  What a hack!  Like I said, I’ve always been a Haim girl anyway.


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One Response to Haim or Feldman?

  1. TV Slut says:

    I was always a Feldman girl myself. Shame he’s married. LOL I LOVE The Two Coreys! It’s hilarious. It’s so appallingly stupid and it’s easy to see which parts are planned out, but I still enjoy drooling over The Coreys, Haim and Feldman.

    Love your blog!

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