Theme Songs: Jacob Black

So I’m not quite off this kick yet.  This one’s totally Jacob – when he’s taking off through the woods at the end of Eclipse and thinking back on what transpired with Bella.

First Day of the Rest of Our Lives – MXPX 

(I can only link to the album where you can preview the track – I can’t seem to find a stream of it anywhere and can’t upload any mp3s here.)


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33 Responses to Theme Songs: Jacob Black

  1. chelsea says:

    Omg i love all the books there so romantic and i cant wait til the 4th one im so excited omg…..i love jacob so much and his character the real guy….he played on sky high to he was hott then to. i love these books but bella needs to chose jacob or edward….i like both but im bella position i would chose edward….ok bye love the books…ummm…..vampires, werewolfs, and romance my kind of book….bye..

  2. rachel says:

    Bella is my least fave charecter in the book!!!!!!!!!!!! she’s horrible!!!!!!!!={

  3. tasha says:

    omg i love jacob!!! he’s my favorite character!! Bella should’ve picked him…altough i do think he would b better off with someone else. i don’t really like her…

  4. an exotic fetish says:


    I just stumbled across this place on Google, and I must say, you’re the first person I’ve encountered who supports Bella and Jacob, too!! Huzzah!

    I honestly don’t think we’ve heard the lastof Jacob. The good plot rules of “book series” states that Jacob will make an appearance at the end of Breaking Dawn. However, Stephenie Meyer has a tendancy to surprise people. I’d like to say that if she knows what her readers want, she’ll put Jacob in the next book, but it seems Jacob isn’t too popular with anyone these days…

    Still, if Jacob isn’t in Breaking Dawn, I’ll be highly disappointed. No matter what anyone tells me (or what I tell myself, for that matter), I’ll be reading through the entirety of that book waiting for Jacob’s involvement in the main plot. If that never comes, and he only appears for one or two epic scenes at the end, I probably wouldn’t read the rest of the series. Jacob is the squishy goo that holds everything together. :3 If Jacob leaves, Bella will almost certainly be turned, and there will be the appearance of a new villain, etc. etc. But then, it wouldn’t be so much a love story…

    Alright, I’ve rambled enough. Apologies. ^-^;

  5. anonimous says:

    OMG, i luv Jacob, and edward is… ok, i can’t believe people R putting edward down, but most importantly JACOB !!!


  6. Alli says:

    I love Jacob. He is the best and I hope that Bella doesn’t pick him either, he deserves someone who will love only him. I will be extremely disappointed if he doesn’t make an appearance in Breaking Dawn. Can’t wait until it is out. What are your suggestions for the actor to play Jacob in the movie???

  7. Brittany says:

    I so hope that Jacob and Bella end up together!!! everyone seems to like Edward more though!!!! Me and my friend fight over this topic all the time!!!

  8. Rachel says:

    I love jacob black ! I really hope he comes back in the next book. I really don’t think she deserves jacob or edward to tell you the truth. But for jacobs sake she picks him though.

  9. Paola says:

    i lov jacoob black he’s awesoomee
    he’s the bst character in the 3 books. jaco u rawkk<33

  10. Paola says:

    and i hope bella chooses him(L)(L)

  11. Me says:

    I looove Jacob, I liek edward i guess, I mean who wouldn’t it is nearly impossible not to but Jacob is so human, and I will be so angry if he isn’t in the next book, i might not even read it (riiight) but my friends and I always argue about it because I’m all for jacob and they aren’t. I don’t know if Bella will actually be able to choose. I hate to say this but I think one of them will have to die or leave to make the books end.

  12. Isabelle says:

    I am in love with Edward and Jacob, but my choice would have been the same as Bella’s: Edward. Only because you will never in your whole life find anyone like Edward. He is rare and hard to find, and I wouldn’t let someone like him get away. And Jacob is so full of life and so outgoing, he can make you smile no matter what so he wont have any trouble finding someone for him… though no one will be good enough. But nobody is going to stay with Edward long after they find out he is a vampire… except Bella of course.
    Believe me though I cried until I lost about five pounds over Jacob Black. But the one thing I don’t get is when Bella says, “Maybe if I hadn’t lost Edward once i would choose Jacob.” But if that were true that would mean Edward never left; ere go Bella never would have come closer to Jacob.
    But I support Bella’s decsion, but I hurt for Jacob on the fact that because his world isn’t a rational one, his soul mate was stolen by his mortal enemy- a vampire.
    I hurt for Edward because Bella will never be able to love him with her whole heart- magority yes, but a part of it will always belong to Jacob Black as will mine.
    But this is the rational world and there are no Edwards (unless you know of one- hundred year old, gold eyed, romantic, patient, kind- hearted (Whether he has a heart or not he knows how to love with or without one) vampire- contact me). Therefore you all have a Jacob Black out there who will is your soul mate and will be your own personal sun.

  13. Isabelle says:

    And like I said above- we all have a Jacob Black, but the love itself will be like Edward- pure even if it comes with a bitter edge.
    Edwards character shouldn’t be potrayed as evil. I say to my friends that I believe in Edward Cullen and I don’t mean I believe he is real, but I do believe that kind of love is real. Unexpected and beautiful and something that can’t add up to the quote “love is blind” because that kind of love will be seen through golden topaz eyes and will be something you couldn’t miss and that you should be looking for- a Jacob Black that beholds the Edward kind of love!!!

  14. samantha says:

    It was just so depressing how the third book ended with Jacob. and all the minor details that could have prevented Edwards return… the return i obviously didnt want to happen because i love jacob and even though he totally deserves better than Bella, he loves her and its what she wanted. its just the fact that they were supposed to be together, they were fated, and they were going ot be together if alice hadnt have seen then and Harry didnt die, so the confusion on the phone didnt happen. i guess i really dont know what i would have done in her situation because i dont know what she feels about edward, but i know that it hurt me to see jacob in so much pain and to think of all the suffering they all had to face. besides edward. lucky bastard got the girl.

  15. Amanda says:

    I fully support Bella’s decision. More Jacob for me… *runs out to the woods to wait to be imprinted upon*

  16. Kawter says:

    I hate Edward!Why did he return????The most annoying thing is that Bella also loves him!If Jacob doesnt come back on Breaking Dawn, I would pe really really pissed. I loved Jacob at the first book (even though he didnt appear that much) and never stopped. Jacob is more fit for a person like Bella. She tends to depress easily and he is a very cheerful person. Edward just doesnt fit for her! for all you fans of Jacob, visit my fansite please and leave a message!Thx!I’m working very hard to make it the number 1 fansite of Jacob Black. Please if u have any suggestion tell me!We can all work it together!

  17. mirka says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Jacob Black. He is toooooo SEXY.
    I hate Bella; she sucks
    But Edward is soooo sweet; and Jacob suffers ALOT. Soon, he’ll find a girl who actualy (truely) LOVES him.
    I also cried when Bella left him: it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad.
    But he doest diserve Bella- he can do better.
    I hope he finds her soon; he’ll be happy with his life mate….

  18. taylour says:

    Personally, I think the song that totally screams Jacob Black to me is “Come Together” by The Beatles.

  19. Bee says:

    A Fine Frezny’s “Near to You” and “Almost Lover”are forever Jacob/Bella songs to me. They are perfect for them. During my re-read of Eclipse I played “Almost Lover” during the scene and Jake’s room and it made me cry even harder during that part. :/

  20. Carmel says:

    Well i think that yall dont really have to worry about jacob coming back because if you know anything about the book you know he will. i am sure he will show up at some point making bella’s life tougher than it needs to be. i personally thing that she would be better off with edward but she is going to be with jacob. i love jacob but i dont know he is kinda.. jerkish. i heard this interview with steph and she mentioned something about bella turning into a vampire and she was like ” IF bella makes that choice then it will be in the next book” the way she said if made me thing that bella is not going to be with edward..

    and whatever happens in that last book better be good cause it is going to be the last one of that story

  21. LindsayBlack says:

    i really really really REALLY want him to imprint on somone in breaking dawn, i think and hope he does becasue in eclipse he says he doubts it.

  22. Carlyndra says:

    What Hurts The Most–Rascal Flatts

    That song describes him perfectly.

    And let me just say, I’m all for Bella&Edward, because Jacob’s mine[but I’ll share with you guys^^]

    I think Bella’s okay. She’s a good character. I think it’s stupid that people hate her only because two wonderful guys like her.

    I love Jacob ^^

    Yep, that’s all I got.

    And remember guys, this topic is supposed to be for posting SONGS that remind us of Jacob, not for chatting or complaining about other characters. please respect the author by NOT spamming.

    Thank-you all.


  23. tia says:

    okay so I absolutely love love Edward Cullen. The only reason he did leave her in new moon was because and for her own good. He then realized that that was a horrible thing to do. But because of that mistake I think that bella will choose Jacob in the end “breaking dawn”. Only because I dont think Edward will want to turn her into a vampire, so he might let Jacob have her, trying to think of what’s best for bellas sake. OR Edward will turn bella into a vamp and it will start a war between the werewolves and the vamps the last fight being between Jacob and Edward. And since Edward has one every fight so far, he will loose that one and bella will have no choice but to end up with Jacob to comfort her after his death.

  24. EdwardRox! says:

    edward cullen rox!!!
    and i dont get how some people like him..( well 9% of twilight addicts)
    i recon that bella will end up with edward somehow in the end of BREAKING DAWN cause wat was the whole point of writing a sequal that started off with edward and ending with jacob –‘
    and meyer had a dream about edward and bella that started the whole series…i dont think that she will just chuck him out of the ending…that will be sad…i will burn breaking dawn if bella ends up with jacob
    edward is better for bella 😀
    and no offence to jacob lovers but but jacob sux…….harsh right? well dats me

  25. Onix says:

    House Carpenter by HURT

    is the song that to me fits Jacob perfectly

    I hope he does find someone…

    cuz we all know Bella won’t choose
    him over Edward….sadly

    at least she does love him but blegh…

    life’s complicated even for the werewolf i guess..

    respect to Team Edward

    but i’m all for Team Jake

  26. Selina says:

    You know what other song is great? Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved. I was listening to my iPod on shuffle on the bus today cause I had nothing to read (I finished Eclipse last night :P), and this song came on, and I started to listen to the lyrics… and like, nearly fell out of my seat! I won’t post the whole song, but check out these passages:

    “Beauty queen of only eighteen
    She had some trouble with herself
    He was always there to help her
    She always belonged to someone else

    It’s not always rainbows and butterflies
    It’s compromise that moves us along, yeah
    My heart is full and my door’s always open
    You can come anytime you want

    I know where you hide
    Alone in your car
    Know all of the things that make you who you are
    I know that goodbye means nothing at all
    Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls

    Try so hard to say goodbye.”

    …isn’t it like, only too perfect?! Poor Jacob! 😦

  27. Lacey says:

    Not really a big fan of Jacob, but I totally sympathize. I use to be A Jacob hater even. Until I saw it more from his point of view. But oh well at least he gets Renesme. For those of you who dont know who that is, read Breaking Dawn. And trust me you will be satisfied.

  28. Tay says:

    Edward had to leave.. he didnt want Bella not to get hurt anymore by vampires. But he couldnt take it anymore he wanted Bella and Bella wanted him. Jacob is cool but im glad bella went with edward. But i am also glad that jacob found Renesmee!!

  29. Tay says:

    i agree with lacey. I use to hate jacob too but when it was from his point of view. I thought he was pretty cool..

  30. Diana says:

    Honestly…I absolutely love Jacob but I don’t think he should stay with Bella cuz he does deserve so much better than her. And in my opinion I think Bella should just stay alone I don’t think she deserves either of them because she will never be able to love them like they deserve. Edward it’s just too…idk just too much…and very very unhealthy for Bella.
    Jacob was right Edward is like a drug to her.
    But I rather she stay with Edward then Jacob.(CUZ JACOB IS ALL MINE!)
    *runs alone to persuade boyfriend*

  31. Alejandra says:

    Hum! i hate Bella, she is horrible a terrible and confused girl.
    I love Jacob him is the best charapter!! I love him…!!

  32. Alejandra says:


  33. Briana says:

    Lost by michael buble is definately Jacobs theme song for me. It seems like it was written just for him and his unconditional friendship with bella.

    I love Jacob 🙂

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