My favorite today and other random thoughts on Fall TV

So, I’ve finally been able to come up for air at work and, sad as it is, that seems to be one of the only times I’m able to squeeze in a post lately! Anyway, my iPOD feels like it’s been lacking a little bit as of late, but I managed to mix it up a little bit today and am having a really good time listening. What I came back to, though, was my favorite song of late. I just want to listen to it over and over and I can’t quite figure out what I like about it so much (althought the fact that is has a line, “just like in a movie” can’t hurt).

What I can determine is that it makes me think of every couple I’ve ever loved from books or TV or movies. I just see them all in my head at the same time when I listen to it. So, here’s a link to a fanvid I found on YouTube set to my new favorite song. The kicker – it’s a Kingdom Hearts video. How cool is that!

We Are So Last Year – Hawthorne Heights

Anyway, I’m really torn with the premieres I’ve seen so far this year.

HIMYM – I mentioned this one before.  I missed this week because I switched over to DirectTV (which should have been done prior to the fall season but I’m a procrastinater) and was rushed and didn’t get all of my programming in right.

Heroes – I messed this one up, too.  I started recording 30 minutes in, but then when I went back to watch realized that I missed the last minute again.  So I’m a bit disjointed with Heroes at the moment.  I do have a secret though…I watched the new episode of Chuck before I even thought about Heroes! 

Chuck – is awesome!  I love the humor and the characters and the silly plot line.  I love Chuck!  He reminds me of Jim, from the Office.  And I think Adam Baldwin is great as Casey.  I’m telling everyone I know about this show – people need to see it!

Bones – is always good!  I’m not crazy about the serial killer/cannibal track they’re going down, only cause that’s the stuff that really freaks me out, but it was nice to invite those characters back into my living room.  I’m so happy Zach’s back!  And the haircut/facial trim for Hodgins?  Definitely for the positive.  Booth and Brennan, of course, are done perfectly.  Love it!

Pushing Daisies – I only got through about 30 minutes of this before I had to flip back to the hockey game and it was really different.  So far I think it’s in a good way.  The narrator gives it a feeling of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and the direction/cinematography is really cool.  It’s different than anything I’ve seen on TV as of late – it really has the feel of a movie.  But I like it!  Lee Pace is great (I guess I didn’t realize he was so tall) – a have a soft spot for “A Soldier’s Girl” cause it was such a great movie and I guess, given that he was in drag throughout it, I didn’t realize he was so cute.  I think it will be fun, and I know it’s refreshing.

My Name is Earl – meh, it was okay.

The Office – HA!  I yelled at the beginning when Michael pulled in the parking lot – I thought he was going to hit a car!  Mark and I were rolling.  And they’re doing Jim and Pam perfectly.

Moonlight – Argh.  I’ll watch again but was really rather irritated.  It took us a long time to get to the point in Buffy or Angel where the fight scenes looked cool.  Moonlight took me back to Buffy season 1 on that front.  I mean, please, that scene where he jumps down the flight of stairs?!  Laughable.  Jason Dohring’s costuming sucked.  We could have got the impression of big, expensive executive without the tie, suspenders and high-waist pants.  It’s pretty lame but I have to at least give it one more episode.  It leaves me asking the question, though – why did they drop something with the SAME premise and practically the same character types (I mean, this time the girl is a “journalist” instead of a cop) that was working and was REALLY good and resurrect it on another network turning it into the steamy pile of bad-acting.  Ugh…the disappointment.

So – I finally got Mark to finish season 1 of Friday Night Lights and I CAN’T WAIT until tomorrow.  Twenty-seven hours, forty-three minutes and counting!!!


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