FNL: Thank god it’s finally going to get…worse?!

I settled in on the couch last Friday night to watch the only thing worth watching on a Friday, Friday Night Lights of course. I was all hyped up from the trailer for this episode.  They were going to find traces of something in Landry’s car and his dad was going to ask him to come clean, and then I assumed we would go to trial and they would go easy on him because he’s a good kid who killed a bad guy, and because this is TV after all, and most of all because WE NEED TO MOVE OFF OF THIS STORY!

Sigh. It was all supposed to get better.

So what happened? Landry’s dad took his car and burned it, of course! (Yeah, I get the protect your child at any cost thing – they did it on Veronica Mars, after all, when Keith destroyed the evidence of Veronica breaking into the Kane’s place.  That just a break in, though, and he just pulled the tape from the evidence room.  And then he got caught!)  Mark laughed at me because I threw my hands in the air with a, “OH MY GOD, WTF?!”  I mean, what kind of conversations were going on?

“Okay, so Landry and Tyra.  Let’s take the attempted rape a little further and turn him into a stalker, what do you think?”

“Yeah, that’s good.  He starts following her around and one night when she and Landry are out he tries to attack her again and Landry comes in and saves the day…

“Right!  She’d love that!”

“They’re at the convenient store and Landry comes out and sees him and he hits him over the head with a bottle…no a PIPE!”

“A pipe?  Come on, where’s he going to get a pipe?”

“Um… we’ll put it in a pile of garbage next to the store.”

“Okaaaay, so he hits him over the head with a pipe, knocks him out, and takes Tyra into the store to call the cops.”

“NO!  I’ve got it!”

“Got what?”

“Instead of calling the cops, they put the guy in the car…”

“…and drive him to the hospital?”

“No, because he dies on the way and they dump his body off of the bridge and into the river instead.”

“Wait…what are you talking about?  You want Landry to kill a guy and dump his body, and you expect people to buy that?”

“Of course!  It makes sense.  He’s running with the wrong crowd, he’s hanging out with the town tramp, she’s crazy stuff before, her sister’s a stripper – he’s just not himself anymore.”


“Seriously! It’ll work!  We’ve gotta kill somebody if we’re going to boost the ratings this season.”

“But is there even supposed to be a river in Dillon?”

“Oh, don’t get hung up in the details.  Sure there can be a river!”

“(sigh) Okay, fine.  So he dies, they dump the body, and then Landry is riddled with guilt and remorse and turns himself in.”

“Turns himself in!  Are you crazy…”

“But that’s who Landry is – he’s in a Christian metal band for god’s sake!  He wouldn’t be able to live with himself!”

“And what are we supposed to do – send him to jail?!”

“No… we’re supposed to have him call the cops outside of the store instead!”

“Right, you just don’t get it do you?  It’s our second season.  We need the ratings.  If we have to bend the rules on our characters a little…”

“A little!  I don’t think this is a little!  How are we going to fix it?”

“I don’t know how we’ll fix it.  We’ll figure it out later.  His dad’s supposed to be the sheriff, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, which makes it even worse!”

“No, that’s perfect!  Once the body washes up he’ll be right in on it!  His dad will realize that there’s some sort of evidence linking Landry to the killing and he’ll help him cover it up!”

“(buries head in hands) His dad’s going to cover it up?”

“Yeah, he’ll destroy the evidence or something and then they’ll never be able to link it to anyone.  Case closed.”

“Case closed.  Just like that, huh?”

“Just like that.  It’s gonna be good, right?”

“Good isn’t quite what I was thinking…”


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