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SiP 89 F+K sc. P13

A while back there was a FedEx package on my front porch sent directly by Terry Moore (creator, writer, artist extraordinare of Strangers in Paradise in case you didn’t know) and I had no idea.  Apparantly, he called Mark on … Continue reading

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Brand New are too cool for me.

Whether you love a band or haven’t heard them before it’s usually pretty easy to sit back and enjoy yourself when you go to see a live show. I’ve never been to a show where the singer sounded terrible (maybe … Continue reading

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Wil Wheaton does it again!

That is, makes me laugh out loud so that everyone in my office starts to think I’m a little crazier than they thought previously.

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What I’ve Been Waiting For

So, I wouldn’t consider this a spoiler for Heroes “Powerless” – more of a teaser. I just finished Heroes.  Over the course of the weeks it has simply been getting better and better.  Each week built on the other, as … Continue reading

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Twilight Quotes: What’s Your Favorite?

I’m working on a scrapbooking project for myself on the Twilight books and I need some quotes from the books to include.  The problem?  I can’t read fast enough for my liking to find all the ones that I know … Continue reading

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My Morning on YouTube

I don’t get to look around on YouTube much anymore. Once I’m home I don’t really have time to be on the computer all the time (I have a lot of TV to watch, after all). So this morning while … Continue reading

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The Packaged Version

theAUDITION – You’ve Made Us Conscious Here’s the cleaned-up, polished version of theAudition. This is a couple of years old, though, and they all look pretty different.

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