The Audition Live 2/17/08

Last night we hauled overselves up to Erie, PA to a little hole in the wall – a volunteer fire department turned concert venue.  We’d been up there before to see Anti-Flag back in December and it was as much fun as it was awkward.  See, the only lights are the overhead flourescents that would be standard in any hall or meeting place.  These lights never go off – there are no stage lights.  So, the venue has an ambience similar to the end of a middle school dance when you’re stuck standing around after they turn the lights back on.  It’s very strange and for me it makes it really hard to relax.  Even if I’m not, I feel like I’m in a spotlight all night long.  If you’ve been there you probably have to admit that’s the truth.

All that aside, it’s a great place to see a show because it’s small and bare bones.  We couldn’t believe when we went to see Anti-Flag there were, maybe, 150 people there?  It was a great chance to see one of our favorite bands in such an intimate setting.  Last night there were more people at the show but we still spent the entire evening about 10 feet from the stage (this crowd was a little different, though – a lot more Abercrombie, and, frankly, a few more little high school pricks).  And I love the fact that the bands are justing roaming around checking out the other sets and such.

 It was a great night and I’m really happy we got to see the Audition again.  They played a great set – they sounded really good and the set list couldn’t have been better.  I can’t wait to go again.

They closed the set with “Don’t Be So Hard”.  Here it is:

 I wish my pictures had turned out better.  I only shot the first couple of songs.  I’ve realized that any time I try to shoot an event I can either a) enjoy the event or b) enjoy the quest for the perfect photo.  I was getting into that “gotta get the perfect shot” mode and stopped myself.  I didn’t want to miss the entire evening.  Hence, my pictures were pretty much crap.  I’ll live…

Danny Stevens - The Audition


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One Response to The Audition Live 2/17/08

  1. Reed Dunkle says:

    Trying to find the name(s) of the other bands that played that night. Feel free to email me if you remember.



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