Destroy Their Future

The show last night was great – but it seems to be only in retrospect.  You know what I said about people yesterday?  And the fact that I just don’t seem to like a lot of them?  Well, what a weird crowd last night.  The energy was not good.  I think there were too many people there to drink some beers and kick some ass.  In all the shows I’ve been to over the last couple of years I’ve only run into this twice, maybe three times at the most.  It was strange!  Plus the fact that I had not only one but TWO girls with the absolutely most annoying voices SCREAMING in my ear all night long.  I left somewhat disappointed, mostly just because I was tired of stupid people.

Anyway, the music and the bands were good.  The Fashion was different than I expected and I enjoyed it.  I don’t think I’d listen to them all the time but I don’t think it was a waste of time either. 

I'm pretty sure this is Chip, filling in for Ryan with American Steel

I'm pretty sure this is Chip, filling in for Ryan with American Steel

American Steel, on the other hand, is my new favorite obsession.  I LOVE these guys.  The leader singer’s voice has just the right balance between melody and grit and the back-up vocals make it that much better.  I picked up their new album last night, Destroy Their Future, and I love every single track on it.  I think a couple of my favorites are “Love and Logic” and “Or, Don’t Your Remember?” and “Sons of Avarice”.  And what a cool quote on the inside cover: 





Rory from American Steel; Cleveland, OH, July 10, 2008

Rory from American Steel; Cleveland, OH, July 10, 2008

 “Destroy now the future that will come to pass when we are motivated by fear and superstition and avarice. A revolutionary gesture is in every expression of love, in the defense of reason and the application of logic.

For it serves the greedy well to say men’s hearts are dark. They will use this to assert an absurd axiom of self-interest, as a justification for injustice, and to the hopelessness of hope. A mantra they must incant like lullaby, to drown out the voices that should be keeping them up at night. Not a calm fear of some impotent god. No, the disgusting, panicked terror of a traitor, torn limb from limb by grim, familiar faces.

I want to hear the voices shouting.”

Whew. Just love it.


What about Alkaline Trio, you say? I don’t think they can put on a bad show. Again, they’re a band who, in their entire catalogue, does not really have a single track that I wouldn’t want to listen to. You can’t go wrong!

Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio Cleveland, OH, July 10, 2008

Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio Cleveland, OH, July 10, 2008

Remember what I said about the crowd?  Well it seemed Matt Skiba was pretty close to kicking someones ass last night.  First he stopped the show when there was a fight or something on the floor.  Someone was being pulled out hurt and he went over with a bottle of water to see if everything was okay and then started telling someone in the crowd to knock if off and then everything stopped for a good minute – I couldn’t see exactly what was going on but I do remember that it occurred while they were in the middle of “Old School Reasons”.  Then someone gobbed on the stage and Skiba called ’em out again explaining that it’s difficult to do that without any teeth.  Finally at the end of the set someone was hanging over the balcony singing and Skiba was singing back and, while I couldn’t see it, judging from the exchange a security guard tried to get him back (in an effort only to secure his safety, right?) and almost threw him over the balcony.  Matt had a mouthful to say about that, too.  I’m always happy when the band sticks up for the fans with the security guards.  Most of them, not all, are goons hopped up on way too much testosterone.

(By the way, I could not get a good picture of Matt to save my life.  There was something with the stage lights that when I shot in that direction they came out with really bad halos.)

So drama and screaming girls aside I am really glad I had a chance to see them again.  I heard just about everything I wanted to.  I love to be in room full of people singing “Radio” at the top of their lungs.  Here’s what I can remember of their setlist (not in particularly in order):

Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio; Cleveland, OH, July 10, 2008

Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio; Cleveland, OH, July 10, 2008

help me
in vein
calling all skeletons
do you wanna know
I found a way
goodbye forever
blue carolina (which was completely ruined by the girls behind me)
I lied my face off
mercy me
private eye
old school reasons
I’m dying tomorrow
this could be love

encore:  for your lungs only and radio


I wish I could go back again tonight.


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