Breaking Dawn: 100 Pages Left

May contain spoilers – but you’re all probably ahead of me anyway.

So I am really not doing a good job of keeping up with most of the Twilight fans out there.  Last night I finally reached the 100 pages mark of Breaking Dawn.  Thankfully, I was far enough along in enough time to be able to read the Entertainment Weekly coverage on it.  I was really surprised to see that it got completely panned.

Admittedly, I was really not thinking highly of the book through the first 100 pages or so.  Sure – I broke out in tears about page 40 something (when Jacob showed up at the wedding).  I really struggled with the fact that the entire beginning of the book, to me, centered around Bella wanting to get laid.  And then she was finally convinced to stay human because it was good sex! Yes, everyone will argue that it was so much more than that but I’m really not buying it.

So, after I reached page 150 – I forgot all about how much that was bothering me!  Because then the story and the characters completely captured me and I was hooked for the rest of the ride.  I LOVE the fact that part of the story was from Jacob’s perspective (of course) and I think the moment that he imprinted I said, “Unbelievable!  That’s perfect!”  I am even okay with Bella being a vampire and how it all happened.  Sure, I struggled a little with the vampire-spawn baby and I could barely make it through the birth scene (I was getting a little sick to my stomach).  But I’m happy and I love reading these characters again.

Now here I am with 100 pages to go.  I am stuck and I can’t decide which direction to go because they each seem to have the same hold on me.  On one hand, obviously, I want to see what happens.  It’s getting so good I need to know how it ends.  One the other hand I don’t want to finish because then it would really be done.  After revisiting this world I’m not ready for it to be over.  I thought I would be but I’m not and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.  I think the best compromise will be to save it until I can carve out the perfect amount of time in the perfect place so that I can just savor the end.  I’ll let you know when that happens, and I’ll struggle to be patient until it does.


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5 Responses to Breaking Dawn: 100 Pages Left

  1. Polly says:

    What do you mean with “And then she was finally convinced to stay human because it was good sex! ” ??

  2. kissthelibrarian says:

    I felt that after she realized that she and Edward could have sex without fatal results, and she realized how much she enjoyed that, is when she told him that she would probably want to go to Dartmouth after all and stay human for a little while longer. She wasn’t ready to give up that feeling. That’s how I jump to the good sex thing.

  3. Sophie says:

    Totally understand your dilemma…I wanted to stop right about in that area…didn’t want it to end…and I rode that roller coaster of emotions and plot line…I loved the book. I may be in the minority but it’s a 4 out of 5-stars for me. By the way, love your blog as well!!

  4. kissthelibrarian says:

    Thanks, Sophie. I just finished and, in the end, it got a solid 4 out of 5 from me, too. I really don’t understand how everyone could have been disappointed.

  5. kjjzc says:

    wow, breakin dawn is wowwy, but its VERY mature….5/5 for me AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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