The Abomination: Isn’t anything sacred?

Stop the Remake

Stop the Remake

So, Wil Wheaton comes through again.  Apparantly I’ve been living under a rock (or it could be because I’ve had my nose buried in books) but the brilliant forces that brought us the likes of The Hills and Tila Tequila Wants to Get Laid have now decided on a new project. 

They’re planning to remake Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Let that sink in for just a minute.

Is there an original thought left in Hollywood these days?  Why do they need to keep taking the coming-of-age moments of my generation (and in this case, even the prior generation possibly) and repackaging for the current generation’s consumption?  What’s wrong with these kids getting the same experience from the ORIGINAL?  That’s what I did.  For example, I didn’t need someone to remake an Otis Redding song for me to fall in love with his music.  I raided my dad’s record collection and loved the original.

The other day Mark recorded a commercial he told me I had to watch.  I think it was JcPenney (I can’t remember) and it was a remake of the Breakfast Club with modern kids repackaged into a 30 second bite-size chunk.  All the major moments!  And what does it mean, now?  That we need to run out a buy a pair of pants.  If it was geared toward the generation who are these kids’ parents then I’m hoping that most of them were as ticked off as we were.  Frankly, I can’t wait until Dylan is old enough to sit down and watch all those movies with us.  I hope they have as much impact for him as they did for us – even if they aren’t in 60 second YouTube sized chunks.

But, seriously, Rocky Horror?  What on earth makes anyone think that is a good idea?  When it comes to cult phenomena that’s the holy grail.  And then want to write new songs to boot!!  Ugh….

Check out Wil Wheaton’s website to see his story of when he lost his Rocky Horror virginity.  Then go to and sign the petition.  Like he said, it may not do much but at least it will stop us from feeling helpless.


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One Response to The Abomination: Isn’t anything sacred?

  1. Sophie says:

    One word – Nightmare. Some things should remain as they were.

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