Midnight Sun Postponed Indefinitely?!

I was just surfing around trying to get my head together and decided to check Stephenie Meyer’s website to see what was going on. Geez – where have I been!

If you haven’t heard, a partial rough draft of Midnight Sun was distributed online unbeknownst to Stephenie. As a result, she’s throwing the whole thing out the window (postponing indefinitely in industry terms)!! Can you believe it? That was the one thing that kept me going on the whole series was knowing that at least we’d have some “new” story to look forward to (just in case you hadn’t heard, Midnight Sun was going to be Twilight written from Edward’s perspective instead).

I didn’t see the leak as it occurred and now Stephenie has posted it on her site for everyone. I think that’s the best way she could have handled it. I can’t imagine what would happen to any of the individuals who first distributed it if any of the fan community found out, given the state it’s put everything in now. I would think the on-line attack would be pretty vicious.

So, now what? I really have no desire to read The Host. I guess I can keep my fingers crossed for a Jacob/Renesmee book, right?


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2 Responses to Midnight Sun Postponed Indefinitely?!

  1. twilight4eva says:

    Yh i totally agree.Dont u think its unfair that just because of that total retard who put it on the internet tht her TRUE fans dont get to finish reading it? I hope she will continue writing it and everyone gets to be inside Edwards head.

  2. angelica says:

    You r so rite..its so unfair that she dosent get to finish it just because of that i think she should because shes letting her most truest and valuable fans down..i want her to finish cuz i wanna see how edward tells his side of tha story to.

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