I think the True Blood has gone bad.

Premiere Episode of True Blood

Premiere Episode of True Blood

I have been reading Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series for about 2 years now.  The last book was a bit of a bummer – not as crisp, as exciting, nor as steamy as the others.  I was still stoked for the HBO premiere of the new series True Blood which was based on the books.  I read the Entertainment Weekly review on the series and began to get slightly concerned but I still held out hope.

I watched the premiere last night.  Well, actually, I watched the first 25 minutes and then was forced to watch the rest because my DVR was taping two things.  Truth be told, I think they lost me after the first five minutes.  It was a stretch for me to go as long as I did and then I sat down and read a book while the last 20-30 minutes played on low volume.

So what did me in?  The first 5 minutes, right….um, did you see the vamp in the gas station?  Do I really need to explain any further? 

He looked like an evil bunny not a vampire!  How do you make a vampire show and put the fangs in the wrong place?!  I know there may be arguments against that, but I’m sorry, I’m want my fangs on the eye teeth.  Nosferatu may have been the first but he certainly wasn’t the coolest.  And the way they popped out?  You may as well have written “snikt” across the screen in a comic book bubble.

And did I miss the novel in the series that had so many f-bombs I couldn’t even count them and crazy sex all over the place?  Yes, each novel had it’s share of sex but – holy crap!  I really wasn’t expecting it to be SO over the top!  Is that really what cable TV series have become (cause, you know, I swore off of them after Queer as Folk ended)?  And speaking of Queer as Folk – that was explicit and I didn’t mind, because I WAS EXPECTING IT.  This was gratuitous and frankly did absolutely nothing to help the series.  Thank god I was watching it alone and not with either of the boys currently taking up residence in my house (yeah, that’s sound kind of weird – but were a hockey billet family now and have taken in two 18 year old players from out of state.  It’s awesome, but more about that later)!

The story was crap, the characters were even worse.  Disappointed can’t even begin to describe how I felt last night.  I was afraid that the vampire TV genre jumped the shark with Moonlight, but this just confirms it.  Looks like it’s Buffy reruns once again.


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2 Responses to I think the True Blood has gone bad.

  1. TV Slut says:

    That’s sad. I was actually looking forward to that one.

    I think cable TV has gotten EXTREMELY gratuitous lately… I think every time you turn around there’s another unneccessary sex scene. Clearly, you know what’s going to happen, is it really THAT important to show it over and over again? Sometimes it’s fine when it’s unexpected, but sometimes it’s just too much.

    That’s just my opinion…

    Happy watching!

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