Are we really this gullible?



I’ve been quiet so far in this election year.  Admittedly, I haven’t done as much research as I would like at this point.  I wish I had more facts off the top of my head.  This headline struck me as deeply disturbing when I saw it this morning.


(Some background:  I don’t really consider myself a feminist.  I do believe that celeb-utantes are ruining the self-image of girls around the world and that girls like Katy Perry, making a buck off of girl-on-girl action, are getting really old.  I think the objectification of girls and women is getting worse and that a lot of girls are playing right into it which makes me sad.  Living with two 18 year old boys right now and watching the girls at the rink trying to throw themselves at them has really opened my eyes to how bad it can be.  And I’ve watched grown women, women who should no better, do the same thing setting the world’s worst example.)


When I heard the announcement of McCain’s VP selection I thought it was the most obviously political move I had ever seen.  Gee, do you think he might be trying to get the women vote in the absence of Hillary?  Hello, McFly!  And a republican woman?  Anti-choice in all cases?  Obviously, anti-gay, religious fundamentalist, etc, etc.  It seems to go against what so many women have fought for.  I can’t articulate it better because I haven’t been able to put the time into it. 

And now you mean to tell me that all of these women have bought it?!  Hook, line and sinker.  I am flabbergasted.  To me, that doesn’t say much about where a lot of the women in our country are right now.  You can’t mindlessly go along just voting for any woman that you see.  You need to stop and think and make an informed decision.  And I do believe that there are women who ARE making an informed choice of Palin and THAT is what is the most frightening.


Oh well, I may get totally slammed over this but I just would have hoped for better.


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