Everyone loves a good Buffy spotting!

Would you have caught it?

Would you have caught it?

Even if it is just an obscure, unmentioned line from the closing song of Once More With Feeling.  I went to check Neil Gaiman’s blog for the day and was greeted with this guest post from Dan Guy, the webgoblin at neilgaiman.com.  Can you imagine my surprise as I read the post title?!  It took only a quick second for the recognition to flood through me.  I love finding these little, hidden references to my favorite things – the kind that you know most people will look at and never think twice about but the real geeks fans will laugh about and know immediately.  It’s way too much fun and makes me want to run home and relish in a few hours of Buffy DVDs.

I also love it when my fan worlds collide.  I’ve had a lot of encounters where Buffy or vampire fiction or a blog I’m reading collide with Neil Gaiman or one of his books.  I’m beginning to think he may truly be the center of the Universe – and that may not be a bad thing.

Just kidding. 

I just think it’s fun to see the same interests in some of the people I read regularly or the things that I watch.  It reinforces the fact that they are people with interests just as mixed as mine out there.  And while I don’t feel the need for anything to reinforce the things that I love at this point in my life (Well, at least not these things.  When it comes to my personal style that’s another story – damn the fashion machine!) it is fun to think that there are more of us out there.


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