Heroes and Villians…on Friday Night Lights?

Yeah, given my TV viewing schedule I would have expected this post to go along with the latest episode of Heroes.  But that is reserved for another day and another time.  No, after watching the second episode of Friday Night Lights I have determined that the real heroes and villains are in Dillon, Texas. 


I was really happy with the premiere episode of FNL.  We picked up just about everyone’s storylines, filled in the blanks from the long hiadus and were transported back to this quaint little football town without missing a beat.  It was everything I expected it to be.  But this week’s episode.  This week’s episode made me want to sit down and write about it and that makes it great.


So, back to heroes and villains, right?


Tim Riggins = Hero


You have to love Riggins.  He’s dirty and sleazy and sooo Riggins.  But at the same time he’s sweet and genuine (you can’t say he puts up a front) and he’s trying to change for the better.  When he started having an anxiety attack at lunch (thanks to our #1 villian) I wanted to cry.  It just seems like everytime Riggins takes a couple of steps forward we have to watch him fall apart and pick up the pieces.  I’d just like to see him happy for a while.  In addition, we got to see him in boxer briefs tonight.  Not hurting the hero status one bit.


Matt Saracen = Hero


This kid has been through so much and now he’s forced to track down his biological mother, who basically abandoned him, so that he can become an emancipated minor in order to become the guardian of his grandmother so that she doesn’t become a ward of the state.  Oh yeah, all of this is taking place while his dad fights in the war in Iraq and his girlfriend has up and left him to go back to Guatamala.  How much does one boy have to go through in Dillon, Texas before he can catch a break?  I loved to see the sparks between him and Julie again tonight.  That is one thing that I’ve missed with Matt, he deserves it, and I look forward to more development on that front.


Buddy Garrity = Villian


Can you look at this man and even consider anything different?  Sure, he rescued Santiago, but that was last season.  What have you done for me lately, Buddy Garrity?  I don’t even know where to start.  When you pulled Tim Riggins aside and threatened him over a lunch with one of your stupid political contacts – well, it’s on now.  You are a bully, Buddy Garrity – and your pretty darn stupid.


Coach Taylor = Leader of the freakin’ Justice League


This character never ceases to amaze me.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I hope that one day Dylan is lucky enough to have a coach who is just like Coach Taylor.  The drive he has to do right by these kids makes him #1 in my book.  We’ve recently been pretty close to a relationship between a player and his old coach and it doesn’t feel like it is anything like the relationship that Eric has with his players.  The kid that we know was driven by his old coach to explore a completely fruitless opportunity, at the expense of his current team, without a second guess.  If this guy had been anything like Coach Taylor I am convinced nothing would have slipped by.  We can all learn from his example.


Needless to say, I’m absolutely thrilled to have Friday Night Lights back.  I can’t wait until next week, and that’s always a good sign.


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1 Response to Heroes and Villians…on Friday Night Lights?

  1. Brooke says:

    Hey there! I haven’t watched last week’s episode, but now I can’t wait. I just skimmed what you wrote, and I’ll go back and read after I watch. We’ll have to talk soon!

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