I really DID find Jacob Black…maybe.

I just got a comment on the blog and a link to this:


Is it too good to be true?  Maybe…but what if it isn’t.  This is the best news about the franchise EVER.  He will be perfect.  I did see Twilight, twice, and more to come on that, but the biggest thing I walked away with was, “How are they going to make Jacob bigger for the second movie?  He’s too small!”  This would be perfect.



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5 Responses to I really DID find Jacob Black…maybe.

  1. italy! says:


  2. Kristina says:

    OMG, yeah i was asking that same question. How will they make him bigger? In New Moon apparently he is really small then suddenly, BOOM! he’s huge and muscular and doesn’t have a lot of hair and looks mor elike 24 than 16!!!!!


  3. Daniella says:

    😦 noooooooo. he’s cute but nooooo

  4. Alex says:

    Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob in New Moon!
    Its been confirmed =) Since the end of the Twilight filming, hes been working out every day and has put on about 30 pounds in muscle. So he can now play a buffed-up Jacob ^^ yay!

  5. brenda says:

    nooo!!!! taylor lautner tienee qe estar en luna nuevaa
    por favooor dejanloo en luna nueva el sacaraa adelantee al personaje yo confio en quehara un buen trabajooo..
    jacob!! tiene que ser taylor lautner.
    por favor confirmen quien sera jacob!!

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