The Street Art Obsession: Part II

Shepard Fairey's OBEY campaignWe feel SO late to the party. I remember still working at the comic book store when Shepard Fairey was starting to make waves with his obey stickers – and that was quite a while ago now that I stop to think about. I remember when I found my first big giant sticker in downtown Cleveland driving to work at least 10 years ago. I also remember driving through Tremont on the way to dinner and finding these big, round cement things in the ground that were painted with strange-looking baby faces and Degas-esque ballerinas. But my life in Cleveland didn’t wasn’t working in a way that made me cross paths with good street art often. Not until recently, when we started to see some great art (not just tags) on the streets again did we really start to get out and search. We’ve found some great stuff, as I started to post in what will now become the obsession, Part I. We randomly stumbled upon a great Shepard Fairey in Pittsburgh when we were visiting one time. What could possibly add more fuel to the fire?

I read a small write-up in Entertainment Weekly about Exit Through the Gift Shop when the movie was just getting ready to open. We decided we had to see it – but it never played anywhere near Cleveland. We added it to our Netflix queue as soon as we could think about it – but it wasn’t in stock. FINALLY, one day it popped up in our instant queue. Instant obsession. Just watching the trailer again makes me feel all crazy.

This art is amazing.

Since then, we’ve fallen down internet wormholes searching for street art pictures. There’s so much out there that we just didn’t know about. We wound up stuck in the snow storm on Monday, driving home from Indiana, PA, just because we wanted to detour to Pittsburgh (for the second time that weekend in my case) to try to get clearer pictures of Fairey’s work.

I want to watch the Oscars on Sunday just to see if it wins. Because it totally should.

The movie was hysterical at points. Great street art captured on film plus a completely crazy little french guy (or Banksy himself, if you follow this school of thought) and a whole bunch of art snobs who wind up looking utterly stupid in the end.

Could it really be the ultimate prank? If it is, it totally got me. And I’m ok with that because I have a ton of great inspiration and excitement around all of this right now.

Pork Cleveland Art at Epic Steel off of Scranton


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