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Even I love a princess…

…from time to time. And I believe you would hard pressed to find a girl today that didn’t sneak at least ONE peek at the pictures from the wedding. Regardless of how un-girly you feel or think you are, or … Continue reading

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It’s a brand new day…

and I just hit the reset button. Can’t wait to get back home and get going. Michelle Black – Starting Over (posted on

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I’m sorry, Warped Tour, it’s not you…no, wait a minute. It’s totally you!

So I’m done with Warped Tour this year and I hate that fact. Yeah, yeah – I know what you’re saying. “Warped Tour’s sucked since the first emo band stepped on stage.” And yes, it has been slipping more and … Continue reading

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Feeling a little lost…

Feeling Lost – (Autumn Poetry Reprise) from NyYankee on Flickr I did it again.  I let the work wrap me up and spin me around and make me feel disoriented in my own skin.  Today I’m irritated with it all … Continue reading

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