I’m sorry, Warped Tour, it’s not you…no, wait a minute. It’s totally you!

So I’m done with Warped Tour this year and I hate that fact. Yeah, yeah – I know what you’re saying. “Warped Tour’s sucked since the first emo band stepped on stage.” And yes, it has been slipping more and more every year. (I’ll never, EVER, understand what Kevin was thinking when he booked Katy Perry). But still each year we were able to pull off AT LEAST a day’s worth of music. Last year was tough but we still managed to catch Face to Face, Bouncing Souls, Left Alone, the Casualties, Fake Problems, Alkaline Trio, the Riverboat Gamblers and Far from Finished and managed to walk away with three free compliations filled with GREAT bands that we didn’t get to see because of schedule conflicts (note to organizers – if there’s only going to be 10-15% punk and 85% shit please try to spread it out during the day). Best of all – we picked up a CD from a little known English band called the Exposed.

Last year the Exposed spent the whole summer with the tour. I don’t believe they played a single set. They played one song during the Bouncing Souls set the day we were there. We loved them. This year?! They’re on the tour. That’s the kicker! They’re one of the bands we’ve been wanting to see the most – we’ve been watching faithfully for tour dates. Why’d it have to be Warped Tour? And why on a year when there’s very few other bands we want to see? Sure, there’s some that we could tolerate if we had to and a couple more we’d actually like to see. But then there’s Pepper and All Time Low and 3-oh-how-I-hate-you-3 .

And as if spending the day wading through jock and douche and under-age-11:30AM-vomit wasn’t bad enough? They changed the venue.

The show is going to be at Blossom. Worst venue in the area.

Part of the ambiance of the day was being in the city, under the bridges, sweating on nothing but pavement and catching a brief breeze off of the sometimes stinky river. This picture here?

The Riverboat Gamblers, Warped Tour 2010, Cleveland

I took that during the Riverboat Gamblers set last year. It was my favorite picture of the day. There aren’t going to be any pictures like that at Blossom.

So, I’ll miss you Aggrolites and Street Dogs and most especially the Exposed. Please come back soon, on your own tour instead. For now I think we’ll try and catch Face to Face at Peabody’s next month and keep watching for the scraps that are the punk scene of Cleveland.


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