I’ll take mine with werewolves, please…Supernatural Book Club No. 1 Recommendation

River Marked by Patricia Briggs

No. 6 in the Mercy Thompson series

I don’t kid myself – I would suck as a member of a book club. I can’t read on command and, more importantly, I can’t read what people tell me to. Oh, I’ve tried to read “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but I get through about 20-30 pages at a time and haven’t broken 150 yet (at which point, everyone keeps reassuring me, the book takes off). I will – I want to. But I can’t do it just because.

And the big bottom line: I think in the last two years I may have managed to finish 3 fiction books. Yes, of course, it’s a time thing.

So, while I’m not destined to be a member of your book club, I’ll be more than happy to make a recommendation. Two of the three books I actually managed to finish? Silver Bourne and River Marked, No. 5 and 6 in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.

I love this book series.  Since the moment I was picked up Moon Called, the first in the series, everything I loved in a book was there – vampires, werewolves, other supernatural beings, action, love, etc.  (NOTE:  I’ve tried to read classics, things that I should read.  It rarely works.  And while I don’t really ONLY supernatural fiction, I haven’t found much else that holds my interest anymore)  And Mercy Thompson wasn’t your average lead female – she was a shapeshifter herself.  She didn’t talk about what she was planning to wear to dinner that evening, she wasn’t overtly swooning over “the love interest”.  She’s a mechanic and was pretty much focused on her stuff – even if she was irritated as hell by the fact that alpha werewolf next door claimed her as his mate against her will.

Adam, said alpha werewolf, is everything you’d want in a lead male character – strong and supernatural, sarcastic, hurt, and destined to be hopelessly in love with Mercy.  With a strong supporting cast that includes Stefan, the vampire who drives around in a VW bus painted like the Mystery Machine, Zee, a metal-working fae and numerous pack werewolves with varied backgrounds and personalities you’ve got an enjoyable, somewhat quick read. Perfect for these lazy summer days.

I hate to say too much about the stories because I want them to be read.  The unfolding of Patricia Briggs’ own take on the supernaturals is smooth and each book can really be read on it’s own – not too much backstory required to keep up.  I suggest starting at the beginning, though, because the development of the characters, especially the relationship between Mercy and Adam, is worth the time. 

The latest edition delves more into Mercy’s native american roots which played to my recent ‘American Gods’ fixation.  Mercy’s a coyote shape-shifter who is not 100% native american and has some of the real natives confused as to how it’s possible.  We find out all about that and more as we’re introduced to not only Coyote but Wolf, Raven and others along the way.  Of course there’s peril and near death, but by the end I was grinning from ear to ear, excited for what will come next. So I went to Patrica Briggs’ website to see….

….and discovered the next Mercy won’t be out until Spring 2013.  2-0-1-3!!!!!

Now I’m wondering what to try next:  Patricia Briggs’ other series – Alpha and Omega or some of the new vampire series I’ve been seeing (something or other about parasol protectors, maybe).  However, I read the first couple of “pages”* of Odd Thomas today and I think I may already be hooked.  And all of this after I find the Mercy Thompson graphic novel I just discovered!!  Man – I’m out of touch.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

*I’m primarily a kindle reader nowadays so I measure all my reading in percents.


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