What’s the scariest thing about the new Fright Night?

Fright NIght 2011 It wasn’t more than three months ago that Bryan and I were looking for nostalgia – we’ve been on a kick to revive some of the movies we loved as kids and teens in the 80s.  Have you tried that?  It’s not always what you’d expect.  We’ve had a lot of “oh my god, I can’t believe we ever watched this” moments.  Regardless, late one Saturday night when we weren’t quite ready for bed Fright Night came across the instant Netflix queue and wound up on our TV.

It was fun to watch – but it was horrible.  It was one of my favorite vampire movies (and honestly probably still is) but you forget how cheesball that era really was.

So, when I first heard about the remake I thought, “oh please don’t”.  I was initial expecting a bad remake taking the original movie more in the direction of seth rogan comedy than horror.  And admittedly, I haven’t had a chance to even see the new one yet.  The last trailer I saw on TV, though, made me pause and admit, “this actually looks like it’s going to be pretty good”.  I believe I heard that Marti Noxon was involved somehow (and if anyone can shed some light on that please feel free to comment) but haven’t confirmed it because a) I live under a rock from time to time when it comes to things like this and b) my computer is running REALLY slow and I don’t want to try to research it right now.  If that’s the case I’m sure she brings some experience and an eye for these things *wink, wink* so – bonus!

Original Fright Night VampireNo matter how good it is and how much scarier they’ve made it, there’s still one thing that I think will be the scariest for me.  I can’t IMAGINE how many of the kids going to see this flick don’t even know it’s a remake*.  They missed out on the horribly irritating sidekick, the young Marcy Darcy girlfriend and the bad ear-to-ear gaping mouth of the original Fright Night vampires.  Somehow, I think that makes the translation a lot different.  Not sure if this will make it on our theater list, but I’m anxious to hear how it is.  It’ll make the netflix queue as soon as available.

*Although, nowadays aren’t 60% of the movies remakes?  I mean, they’re remaking movies that have already even passed the decade mark – it’s so silly.  Plus I think an additional 35% are based on books or TV shows.  So my assumption may be WAY off and everyone might just automatically assume nothing is an original idea – and most of the time they’d be correct.


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One Response to What’s the scariest thing about the new Fright Night?

  1. Brooke says:

    Marti Noxon wrote the screenplay. : )

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