Chewbeads: Forget about telling them “No”!

Chewbeads for babies
Easier than teaching them not to!

I found this online the other day (I think possibly through Stumble) and meant to blog about it then.  This is a company who specializes in teething jewelry for children.  Let’s just stop and think about that for a second…

Infants and toddlers may have a tendency to tug, pull and chew on their mothers’ jewelry.  It may be toxic and unsafe for them.  So – someone actually made jewelry that can be worn WITH THE INTENT of having them chew on it.
Chewbeads Teething NecklaceMaybe I’m a little thick.  Not only is this practice potentially unsafe for them but I would think it’s PRETTY UNDESIREABLE for the woman wearing the jewelry!  Here’s a thought – teach them not to tug, pull and chew on your jewelry instead.  We’ve already raised a generation that requires instant gratification due to the onset of insane internet speeds, DVRs and iPhones, a generation already spoiled and indulged in many cases (and I, too, was spoiled and indulged on occasion so I’m not trying to be a hypocrite).  Now we’ll find one more way that we as parents can workaround the children instead of teaching the children what not to do. 
So, put on your color-coordinated fashion teething ring and don’t get upset when I look at you funny in the store because your child is a raging, temper-tantrum mess on the floor as a result of never getting accustomed to the word no.

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