What’s this BLAKOW you speak of?

Do you ever have an argument with someone and at some point in the argument, you realize that you are just arguing silly little things that don’t even matter and that the argument itself is kind of ridiculous and you just want it to stop? Well, if you haven’t, then maybe you should stop trying to just win the argument all the time, but if you have, then I know exactly how you feel in those moments.

Sara & I have those moments sometimes, too.

So, one day we were talking about those kinds of moments and decided that we should have a ‘safe word’ to let the other one know “I think this argument is stupid and I don’t even care what it’s about anymore because I love you and I want to just drop it”. Now a word like this can’t just be some regular word like ‘squirrel’ or ‘Fritos’ or even ‘zipadeedoodah’. No, a word like this one has to have a certain amount of weight to it and still be ridiculous enough to reflect the absurdity of the argument that you’re trying to interrupt, so the word we chose was “BLAKOW!”.

Just think about this for a minute – if you have been arguing with your other half all day and you’re just irritated with even the idea of still arguing and then all of a sudden they just stop, look you you dead in your eye and say some silly shit to you like BLAKOW!, how can you keep going with a straight face?

The quick answer is -you can’t. Argument diffused, you may now step this way to the front of the line and on to the awesome make-up sex.

Many of you may think that this is just a theory and no way could it work in real life, but you are wrong. We have been doing this for over a year now and it really does help. Sometimes we can lose sight of what really matters in a series of tense moments, but there’s usually a moment where one of us will remember why we care enough to stick around for the argument in the first place, then BLAKOW!, we remind the other one that whatever we’re fighting about doesn’t matter because I still want to hold you when I lay down to sleep tonight.

Why am I even telling you about this? Because ‘Blakow’ has become ‘our thing’ and we have decided to combine all of ‘our things’ into one place. We will still be blogging about all of the things we like, the cool stuff we find and the new things we are working on, but now it will all be found in one place – http://www.blakowblog.com. You might ask “So, what is to become of Underculture Unlimited?” or “what happened to kiss the librarian?” and my answer is that they both just became even more awesome.

Underculture Unlimited will still be there – as the mother organization to all the different things we get our hands dirty in, but it just won’t be the blog title anymore. We have decided that Underculture Unlimited is more important to the things we are doing to be limited to just being a blog page. It is everything we do as a whole.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to diminish the idea of the blog, we just think it needs to be what it was always supposed to be – The place where ‘-him’ and ‘-her’ can share cool ideas, rants, art, music and whatever else we might have on our minds. I’m not going to drag this on anymore. Just check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks for enjoying everything until now.

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