…and they lived happily ever after

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I met this girl. She was kind of a weird person that didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the crowd – kinda like me. I was a kid who everyone knew, but I didn’t really hang out with any of them. Anyway, this girl & I had study hall together and we would sit and talk about all kinds of things, but music was definitely part of many conversations. We would talk about all the punk bands and how music wasn’t really good anymore or really have much meaning and then one day she brought a cassette tape to school for me to listen to. It was from a cool new band that nobody had ever heard of called Pearl Jam. I took it home and immediately felt hope for music again. Alive was the name of the song I liked most at the time and soon it started showing up on the radio.
It’s kind of funny because at that time, I really didn’t feel much alive or much reason to be, but it was her friendship that really kept me going when I was walking through those halls feeling lonely among hundreds of people that seemed to want to be my friend for all the wrong reasons. Well, time passed and many dramatic things happened and we lost contact.
Fast forward 15 years – many more dramatic things happened and we are no longer listening to cassettes or reaching each other through my pager. Instead, I found the glory of internet people searches (thank you, bill collection experience) and on one night of unyielding curiosity I finally found Sara again. This silly woman had gotten married and never used her maiden name for ANYTHING after that. So, after my stalker session, I friended her on Facebook and we began to talk about old times and new times maybe we should get together sometime (but not really because she was in a relationship and that might be bad).
So, once again, some dramatic things happened and one night, she needed to talk to someone and she called me. I don’t think I have spent more than 5 full days away from her since that phone call.
We often comment on how much time was lost between us or how could we have been so silly not to see it before or how we wish things could’ve happened differently, but in the end, it doesn’t really even matter because right now is perfect. We have each other and every day it’s like we just find more & more reasons to fall deeper in love and find more silly adventures for us to embark on together. In the past two & a half years we have gone to Pittsburgh several times, Indianapolis twice, Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids, Gatlinburg, Hocking Hills, Chicago (also twice) and Savannah, Georgia and probably a couple others that have slipped my mind. Most of these trips were just over the weekends, but full of awesome stuff to do. She’s the only girl that I have ever found that I can be happy with in the same room while both of us are just reading books. We can frolic with our cameras through cemeteries and hang out at breweries enjoying new beers or just sit by a fire on a cool night and it’s always perfect simply because it’s with her and she never tells me I’m strange for liking the things I do, instead her response is closer to “baby, please push us through these people and get us closer to the mosh pit”.
And now the best part is to come because we are getting ready to join both our crazy lives into one big perfect mess. I can’t imagine there could ever be another person who I would rather spend the rest of my life with and I can’t wait for the day we’re all old and wrinkly and sitting by a fire with a good beer, just chatting about everything we’ve accomplished and everything we’ve failed at and how much fun it has been the entire way. Shit, who am I kidding – we’ll probably be talking dirty to each other.

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