I’m stuck again…

Stuck in TimeIt’s been a crazy weekend, and even as this gets posted it’s probably already been a crazy start to the week.  So much seems to have been checked off but I feel like there’s a ton of stuff left on the list.  And the list never seems to come below 10 items anymore…

I want to stop and read.  I want to play and not have a plan for a day.  But at the same time I’m dying to keep moving everything forward – to update and enhance and create.  I’m constantly inspired.  I feel like I have to remove the computers from my house in order to ever stop that.

And I see an end in sight – more like a turn in the road where the other side can’t quite be seen.  But I wonder, how many other things will wind up on the list before we get there?  Will it stop?  And what happens if it does?  The world won’t fall apart.  Our life will still be fun and crazy and full.  So why don’t we let it stop for a little bit?

Just a lot of things floating through my head right now.  I thought maybe if I get them out it would help get rid of this blocked feeling I have right now.  I want to enjoy the next two weeks as much as possible because they won’t ever come again.  And I wonder if I’m getting in my own way.  We put SO MANY things on the list ALL the time.  And I’m starting to wonder if these coming weeks just aren’t the right time for that.

At the same time – we put off SO MANY things ALL the time because we just want to have fun.  AARGH!!  What’s the right balance?

I’m not sure right now.  But for this evening, the right balance includes some zombies, more wine and maybe a scarf to crochet.


About Mama's a Mess

Who am I and what am I doing here? Well, at the end of the day I'm a mother and a wife, a lover of classic monster movies and comic books, of music, TV and movies. I'm a sucker for pop culture. I'm a fangirl. I'm an artist. As my husband always puts it, "Baby, you're a mess!" I have a penchant for creating and collecting. I feed my brain with a mix of anything from hot rods and pin-ups to handmade and natural. I like to dig in the dirt and grow things but sometimes picture myself doing it like Donna Reed. I will always, always choose to wear a dress first. I am head over heels in love with my husband and have a fantastically crazy life with him. Follow all our adventures and musings on our blog at https://blakow.wordpress.com. Twitter: @mamasamess Pinterest & Polyvore: mamasamess
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