Next on the agenda…

Now that I’m done with the compilation and Sara is done with the first wave of adding the new items in the Etsy shop, we have to shift focus. Everything is about to happen within the next month and now is no time to slow down. We have to finish getting everything ready for the wedding, we have 2 custody cases to prepare for, we will be having a party next week that the house is in no condition to handle right now and we have to prepare for Oddmall.

“Wait,  …what? What the hell is an odd mall” you say? Well, from the name, I’m sure you can guess that it is the perfect place for people like us. It has all kinds of strange hand-crafted items that are either artistic or/and macabre or just what most people might consider weird. Just the right community of people to accept an ‘oddpapa’ or a ‘mama’s a mess’.
We have been making and learning how to make so many different things for awhile now, but until recently, we have only actually had the jewelry and t-shirts for sale. We get compliments on our photography all the time and I have actual art pieces stuck in my head that I am trying to learn how to actually make(when I can find the extra time) and we see people selling similar things all the time, just in their own style. So, we decided that maybe now is the right time to put ALL  of our ideas out there and see if they are things that people will actually like and want to have for themselves. Of course, where else would we try to do this, other than a place like Oddmall?

We have found ourselves child-free for the weekend, so this weekend is great for us to get ready for Oddmall and the wedding and the ever-growing list of other things we can’t stop trying to do. We just got the postcards in the mail yesterday that we will take with us (which got here amazingly fast – thank you Vistaprint) and they look awesome. We did 2 of them – one for the More Everything shop and one for the Ear Infection compilation. I just hope I can get the CD’s in time.

It’s really kind of funny how things work because it wasn’t too long ago that I was living in a small apartment in a neighborhood that is constantly under the threat of random gunfire and the only things I had to keep me going were my family and my job. Now I have this whole new additional part of my family life and I have someone that helps me get all my weird out with full acceptance and encouragement and it seems that it may even help help us get a little extra money to bring even more of our eccentric ideas to fruition. This is the good stuff.

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