The Domestic Violence Omelet

I woke up yesterday morning after a great day at Oddmall and felt inspired to create something awesome for breakfast, So I made an omelet for Sara & I that can only be named the “Domestic Violence Omelet” because if you actually make this and try it, you will be so pissed with your significant other for not thinking of this first, you just might punch her/him in the face. Anyway, here’s how I made it:

4 eggs mixed with a little milk, salt and chipotle pepper

Inside ingredients: chopped steak, spinach, portobella mushrooms & onion fried together with sweet butter, a couple splashes of Southern Comfort &  splash of balsamic vinegar.

I added some fresh diced tomatoes, mozzarella & white American cheese and then topped it with some roasted red pepper hummus before folding the egg over.

Yes, I said hummus. Why haven’t you ever heard of hummus on an omelet before? I don’t know – it’s awesome.

Anyway, the finished product is delicious and I am not too proud to admit that it was a stroke of pure genius.

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