A cool punk bar and great beer in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

Let’s see here… getting used to balancing our lives with the schedule of my new job, hockey practice & games, court dates and meeting with lawyers, Christmas shopping blowing up our Etsy shop & a sociopathic woman (I use the word ‘woman’ very loosely) that continues to make every exchange way more dramatic than it needs to be. *Sigh*
With so many things going on in our crazy little world right now, Sara & I haven’t had much time to stop & relax …or even blog. So what do we do? We turn the things we HAVE to do into fun little things that we WANT to do. We have to go to practice at a different rink? We stop and have dinner at one our favorite local breweries. We have a hockey tournament in Indiana? We find fun things to do out there and avoid the nonsense of dealing with the other parents.
I know – you might ask “what exactly is there to do in Indiana?” You would be amazed at all the cool stuff we find to check out in the places we go. Even little towns, where there seems to be nothing going on, all have their own little stories to tell and their historical sites and fun little things that the locals do to keep from killing each other. But Fort Wayne, Indiana isn’t a small town, but I wouldn’t classify it as a ‘big’ city, either. Still, we’ve been there a few times for the Silver Sticks tournament and we continue to find cool things to check out while we’re there.
Last year was the first time we had taken my daughter on an out-of-state trip and we saw Johnny Appleseed’s grave, the full-scale replica of the original Fort Wayne, we had some good bowling & arcade fun at Crazy Pinz and we had a nice dinner at a very cool brewery too.
This time, it was just Dylan & us and being that he is now 14yrs old and starting to want to spend as much time as humanly possible away from his ‘oh my god, you’re so weird’ parents, We knew there would be things that we could find to do for just Sara & I. This was nice. I Googled Fort Wayne and found a few things that we could take the cameras to and a little punk rock bar that I wanted to stop by and drop off some Ear Infection postcards at. As it turned out, the boys (being early teen boys) convinced the coach to take them to Hooters if they won one of the games. They didn’t win, but they tied, so he took them anyway. Sara & I decided to take that time to go check out Lindenwood Cemetery. Apparently, it’s the oldest cemetery in Fort Wayne, so I absolutely wanted to check it out. On the way there, I wanted to drop by The Brass Rail to drop off the postcards. I didn’t really intend on staying there because the reviews labeled it as a hipster bar more-so than a punk bar, but it was the coolest sounding place that I could find in the area, so that’s the spot I decided to go for the compilation cards. Sara stayed in the car & when I went in at first, it looked very small and there was nobody to talk to. This was a good thing because it gave me a moment to look around, rather than just dropping off the cards and jumping back out the door. I saw there was a whole other side behind the bar and the place was wall-papered with some cool punk posters, old tattoo flashes and various other intriguing pieces of underground art. The lighting inside was from a cool mix-matched row of chandeliers and there was a great beer selection in the cooler in front of me. The bartender showed up and was very cordial when I asked if I could leave the postcards for her customers. I didn’t want to walk back out of there, but Sara was in the car, so I kinda had to …but only to turn off the car and bring her inside. Through a little bit of conversation, we learned that the bartender -Zoey(I hope I spelled that right)- was actually part owner. I tried an Upland Brewing Company‘s Dragonfly IPA (Upland is a local Indiana brewery), which was a very good, very flavorful IPA. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best IPA’s I have had so far. Sara opted for a Founders Porter, which is always a win. We also tried some of Zoey’s personal recipe Pumpkin Spice Bourbon and Pecan Pie Bourbon. Both were delicious. Even though we couldn’t stay long, I was completely in love with the place and had to get myself a t-shirt before we left. One of the best parts of this – our 2 beers, 2 shots and 1 t-shirt all added up to less than $20 (but Zoey did offer up one shot for us to try for free). Awesome drinks at an awesome place AND cool t-shirt to take home on the cheap – I will definitely be back there any time I’m in Fort Wayne.
We left and hit the cemetery & got some photos of some very cool old monuments and went back to Mad Anthony’s Brewing Company for dinner -which was even more awesome & delicious than it was last year (I’ll blog about their food & beers later)- and then headed back to the rink with a growler for us and 1 for the coach and watched what turned out to be the final game of the boys’ tournament. Unfortunately, that also means that was our last Silver Sticks game because Dylan is aging out of that level. I’m sure we will find other excuses to go back there, though. I’m just sad that it won’t be a yearly event anymore.

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One Response to A cool punk bar and great beer in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brass Rail is the best…glad you found it

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