Two Of The Smartest Men Of Our Time

Of all the politicians, scientists, philosophers, theologists and other “people of intellect” I have heard speak throughout my life, the most relative and influential men that I have ever been privileged to hear speak are George Carlin and Henry  Rollins. Yes, a stand-up comic and an ex-punk rocker. I would even place their influence and intelligence higher than all your Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners because they have actually gone out and given the people something they enjoy listening to. it’s not all just white-noise boring speaking that you need to have someone translate into layman’s terms. No, they chose to speak to people how we all speak to each other and then take it a step further by challenging our minds and making us laugh while doing so. It’s the perfect formula for a better society. Rest in Peace, dear Mr. Carlin & please stay with us awhile longer to help try to keep the Order in check, Mr. Rollins.

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