If these 5 bands will make you stop hating punk rock…please just keep hating it instead.

I was searching for an image tonight and stumbled across this blog post, featuring a back-bending Iggy Pop.  So you think you hate punk rock, 5 bands that will make you change your mind.  Hmmmm….interesting. click.

OMG – what the hell just happened?  I suddenly found myself feeling like I should be donating to the douchebag jar just for winding up on this blog.  The next post was a review of the new 2012 Jaguar.  Are you kidding me?!  But I couldn’t stop…I clicked through all five bands.  And who were they?  I bet you’ll never guess…………

5. Radio Birdman (admittedly, I’ve never heard of them. that’s why I kept clicking)
4. The Damned
3. The Ramones
2. The Sex Pistols
1. Do I have to actually say?  I’m sure you can figure it out by now…*

Really?!  That was so far from life-changing!  And where’s the Iggy Pop you promised, dammit! 

So, reactions?  If you wanted to bring someone into the punk rock fold – what 5 bands would you recommend?

UPDATED:  Re-reading this I realize it may sound like  I think these bands suck. How can I think these bands suck?  Absolutely not.  I would say, however, that if someone is going to love punk because they’ve suddenly listened to these bands (again – because, let’s face it, has anyone really never heard ANYTHING by one of these bands…excluding Radio Birdman, of course) then they missed the boat.  There are many more bands, with much more diversity, today that I would love to put in front of someone when challenged with “I can’t stand punk”.  That’s all.

*In case you’re really scratching your head over this one – it was…..
GASP – The Clash


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2 Responses to If these 5 bands will make you stop hating punk rock…please just keep hating it instead.

  1. Dave says:

    Five bands:
    The Dead Boys
    Poison Idea
    Bad Brains
    G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies
    Angry Samoans
    Oh, wait, my bad. I thought it was a list to make a person who hates punk hate it even more. That blog post/Jaguar ad was about fucking stupid-since when did we start trying to get people to change their mind and start liking punk, anyways? Thats why so many shit bands have gained mainstream popularity. It’s fucking watered down punk for the masses. If I know my neighbor hates punk I’m going to blast some Nine Shocks Terror or Peggio Punx and give them a fucking reason or two more.

    • 1oddpapa says:

      That’s pretty much why I decided to put the compilation together. I had suddenly started finding a bunch of underground bands that sounded cool and reminded me of music from when I was younger too and I wanted to help share that with other people. Sounds like you were more into the hardcore/thrash stuff than I was, but we both have seen the whole scene get watered down and I think with the aftermath of the Bush administration, there is a shitload of good music out there that just needs to be found and shared. I’ll be putting another one together soon, so keep an eye out. If you download the comp, check out the song ‘Maggie’ – that one really gets me in the mood to find a pit

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