What? Another awesome compilation?

No, not yet. I have to pull all the information together first. But yes, I’m finally at the point of putting together Ear Infection Volume 2. So, tell your friends who are in bands, send me info of your favorite underground band or if you’re in a band yourself, send me your band name, an mp3 of one of your songs, the title of the song and the best web address for fans to find you. You can check out the last compilation I put together >>>here<<< if you like. A common question that I’ve had before is “Does it have to be an original song or can it be a cover?” I’m fine with it being a cover song, but I think you can do yourself a little better by sending me an original. If you only have a cover recorded, but will have other stuff recorded soon, then by all means, send me the cover so we can at least get your band in front of more fans. Also, just because your band likes a certain song above the others, doesn’t necessarily mean fans would feel the same way. Send me a song that you get better crowd response or feedback about. That song will most likely grab more attention and get more fans to look for you. I’m getting super-excited about doing this again.

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