Cleveland is one of the worst cities in America? I don’t think so

I have lived here in the Cleveland area my entire life. I have spent most of my life in a couple of the worst neighborhoods and had to deal with gunfire erupting less than 30 feet from where my niece, nephew and their friends were hanging out. I’ve also lived in a few of Cleveland’s suburbs and had only to deal with the deer eating my azaleas and garden plants. I have lived and seen both the dirty and clean sides of Cleveland and through alot of bullshit that I’ve had to endure living here, I still wouldn’t want to have grown up anywhere else. I love this city. I have always felt that Cleveland could have so much more to offer if the people here would just find some fucking ambition.

Recently, it seems like this is changing. More people are coming to the area that are bringing a little hope. The new Medical Mart will be downtown soon, which only enhances our region as a mecca of premium medical services. The new Horseshoe Casino will be opening soon, which will help make Cleveland a destination and there are rumors of the Marvel film production company taking over the old  American Greetings building over in Brooklyn. I love this idea (do I really have to go into how bad we were geeking-out over the Avengers movie being filmed here?). If we could get more comic-based business in the area, it would be a dream for people like Sara & I. Okay, maybe she was more of the comic book geek than I was, but I still spent plenty of time with my nose buried in issues of Excalibur or Conan the Destroyer. *Most of the action shots in this trailer were shot in Cleveland*

I’ve seen posters in the window of an empty storefront down on East 9th street for a local comic book called Apama – The Undiscovered Animal. Although I have seen many underground comics fizzle out before they had a chance, this one has an opportunity the others didn’t with internet marketing and possibly growing with the local economy. Hopefully this trend will continue because I love all the awesome artistry the area has to offer and if that could translate into a solid comic book market…   sorry, I just got chills of excitement.

Even though Cleveland is still losing population, I think we’re about to see the whole area evolve into something new. I’m seeing old businesses close and old houses being torn down and leaving empty, low-cost real estate that new, cool restaurants and art spaces are filling up. I think we are on the cusp of becoming one of the coolest cities in America and I really hope I’m not wrong about this because I really think we have all the element s needed for it and with all the shit that Cleveland has had to suffer, we sure as hell deserve it.

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2 Responses to Cleveland is one of the worst cities in America? I don’t think so

  1. Dave says:

    “from the jungles of Cleveland comes the most temerarious hero of all!” NICE! I would so buy a copy of Apama.
    I used to live in Erie Pa. so we were almost neighbors, and I know how it is in that area. I loved Erie though, for many of the same reasons you wrote about Cle. There was a lot of the same rejuvenation going on in Erie, and there really was a rad scene there. I just wish it would happen more where I am now. Back in the mid 90’s someone gave me a comp of local Cleveland bands and it was killer. I’m guessing some of the bands on your Ear Infection compilation were from out there too. Also, weren’t the Dead Boys and the Pagans from Cleveland?

  2. 1oddpapa says:

    Actually, I think there’s only one Cleveland band on Volume 1, but I’m hoping that will be different for Volume 2. That was actually the original intent of the comp in the first place. I wanted to showcase all the cool bands from the area right now, but so many don’t have anything recorded or other issues that made them unable to contribute. I think because the first one did well, it will help me grab a few more this time around.
    Yeah, the Dead Boys and the Pagans were both Cleveland punk bands. It’s funny because anyone who talks about Cleveland punk music always mentions the Dead Boys, but nothing beyond that. Just the fact that you know about the Pagans is enough for me to raise my glass to you

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