Not allowed to mosh? What is this bullshit?

I just read this article about police in Boston fining the House of Blues for a mosh pit during a Flogging Molly show. You can read the story >>>here<<<. Now you know I’m not just gonna let this one slide by. First of all, let me say that this will be just another reason for me to avoid the House of Blues. Anyone who remembers my posts from the Underculture Unlimited blog knows just how strongly I feel about the HOB here in Cleveland, but now I will stay away from them in all cities. Why? Because they are pussies and are laying down rather than fighting for the rights of their customers. I guarantee that the ‘no moshing’ rule will start to take effect in all HOB locations pretty soon and why?

No injuries were reported. There were only instances of people “shoving each other” and “falling down”. This is the exact nature of the mosh pit. Yes, every once in awhile you will get some douchebag going in and throwing fists and elbows, but that shit only flies at scremo and some metal concerts. At a punk show, those guys get dealt with. For the most part, punk mosh pits are fairly safe and friendly. People go into the pit, shove and get shoved and if they fall down, 5 people immediately reach down and pull them back up. So, again – why? Why were there any police intervening in this situation where no injuries occurred anyway? Did some drunk girl fall down, get her feelings hurt and complain to someone?

*Now, ladies, don’t start bashing me because of the girl thing. I know there are plenty of women out there that have more balls than alot of guys at these shows and will jump into the pit without hesitation. As a matter of fact, I just may be talking about someone that actually has a penis, but is just too much of a sissy to be called a man.*

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I want to know just what the Boston Police Department’s fucking problem is. Why do they feel it necessary to go and intrude on an event where NO INJURIES OCCURRED? What was their reason to inject their self-righteous views into something that keeps kids out of trouble? That’s right – it keeps kids out of trouble. They have somewhere to go and be with other people like themselves, listen to music they like and get out some frustrations so they don’t go shoot up their school.

I really hope that musicians start to see how this kind of restriction can be detrimental to their own ticket sales and start boycotting any venue that won’t allow kids to engage in a peaceful mosh pit. Yes, I said a PEACEFUL mosh pit. I have seen performers stop a show in mid-song to settle down any violent behavior in a mosh pit [Elvis of Left Alone: “Dude, yea, you. You’re fucking everything up. Just follow the circle and don’t be a dick”, Chris #2 of Anti-Flag: “Whoa, someone get him up. Is he OK? Dude, are you OK?”].

Yes, sometimes people will get their asses beat for throwing fists in a pit, but guess what – that person is an asshole and was most likely going to get into a fight anyway. They needed a little humility dealt to their chin.

So, I can only ask that bands support the right to mosh. If your band sees security breaking up mosh pits, stop the show- don’t play until they back off. Don’t schedule with a venue that won’t allow moshing. Boycott the House of Blues and let them know they are pussies for not defending the rights of their customers to enjoy the show in the way they want; in the way they paid their admission fee to be able to do.

Fuck the House of Blues and fuck the Boston police department. I hope the punks in your city burn your building and your fucking squad cars from pent-up aggression that they’re no longer allowed to release.

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4 Responses to Not allowed to mosh? What is this bullshit?

  1. mamasamess says:

    And I remember Chris #2 once getting on the security guy for being a dick to a stage-diver. “Come on, take it easy, ” he said. “You don’t have to be a dick. If they get through we can handle it. It’s what we do.” And where was that? Oh, yeah….at the House of Blues.

  2. Jared says:

    Was searching this as I heard it might be an issue, was at HoB in Boston last night for the first of 3 Dropkick Murphy’s shows this week and am glad to report the pit was going in full affect. Now I think they have a bit more pull in the city with making the Tessie song and then finally winning the World Series and the stuff for the movies and what not. They also have a song called John Law about how some cops are great guys and have had the Boston pipes and drums on stage at shows in the past playing. So while I am glad it continued on I think they need to do 1 better and push for a system wide change for all bands or next year they should Boycott Boston on Saint Patrick’s Day and have all the shows in nearby cities that won’t get involved with what happens inside a private venue full of willing participants.

  3. shark lmp says:

    That pit you have a pic of is from a agent ornge concert in long beach2013

    • 1oddpapa says:

      Sorry for the ridiculous delay. Yeah, I just grabbed that from a Google image search. It was only added here for visual interest. I never meant for it to imply that the photo was from the referenced show. Thanks for the info, though. I’ve always wondered where that awesome shot originated.

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