Pulled Pork And Guilt

Saturday morning. The air is a little chillier than it has been the past week, but I have no complaints because a 65 degree day in March in Cleveland is still pretty damn fantastic.

I think we are getting a little stir crazy here. We’re jonesing for a vacation and we haven’t even had our honeymoon yet (we got married in October). There are a couple shows that we’ve wanted to go to and have missed and the Vegas Punk Rock Bowling festival coming up in May that we probably won’t be able to go to either.

We’ve been spending alot of time working on ‘The Green Family’s New Approach To Our Future’ and it has been working out great. We will be expanding our garden selection this year, (with actually working some of our wares into out landscape design), we let the furnace die and are switching to zone heating and cooling and using the fireplace for heat in the winter (this is already reflecting in our bills), we are remodeling the house fantastically and on the cheap and we have the basic plan to open our own beer-crafting store within the next few years (I hope).

But with all this work, there is no time for play. All our other time is spent at work, in court, filling orders for the Etsy store, planning our next move in all this madness and managing a crazy custody schedule while maintaining the daily household duties. We need to get the fuck out of here soon.

Tonight, we have plans to go to a good friend’s house for a potluck barbeque and I’ve been excited about this all week. Now, Sara is feeling guilty because we are going this one alone and my stepson is already starting the whole “but I’m going to be bored” “what am I gonna do while you guys are gone?” bit. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel guilty about this one bit. We work our asses off every day for the benefit of this family and we deserve to get out alone sometimes. He is old enough now to stay home alone for awhile and he should be able to entertain himself also. At his age, I was already working, walking to friends houses who lived miles away, riding my bike through the park, drawing and whatever else I could do to keep myself AWAY from my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that he feels like he can still hang out and have fun with us, but sometimes he needs to not be so reliant on us to keep him from feeling bored. And seriously, if I had internet access when I was his age, I would’ve tried to get my parents out of the house every chance I could get. There is just too much restricted content that I know he is dying to “research”.

So, I’m going to stop writing now and go season up the pork that I will be taking to the potluck tonight, go buy some razors and shaving cream so I can get a fresh shine on my dome and figure out what beer I’m going to take with us because goddamnit, we need a break and I’m going to make sure that I take mine.

And maybe tomorrow morning we can take some time to seriously look at dates and finances to get the fuck out of here for a few days.

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