Supernatural intervention? No – Just the right series of events

I’m not the kind of person that believes in any type of supernatural intervention or anything like that, but sometimes everything just falls into a series of events that end up playing out in a way that makes you wonder. Explanation:

Last year, Sara and I decided to get a pet rat for the family. We had heard many good things about rats and thought it might be something the kids could get into. Anyway, we found one on Craigslist that was a rescue and we brought her home. Her name was originally Zoey, but being that she’s an albino, how could we pass up renaming her Powder? It wasn’t long afte we got her that we decided that she should have company when we weren’t able to take her out. So we looked around and decided on one that was a smaller breed. We named her Little Bit.

The kids loved them at first. They wanted to take them out all the time and would protect them from the dog when he was being to aggressively curious. It was nice to have pets that they could play with without fear of getting knocked down or scratched. Then it all started to taper off. The reality that they were pets that sometimes needed to be cleaned and had to be fed and you had to be delicate with them and Oh my God! they are rats and some people react differently about pets like that, finally set in. Then the kids didn’t see them as being much fun anymore. Day after day would pass and while Sara and I were busy working on all the household duties, the kids would just watch TV and nobody wanted to take the rats out of their tanks.

So, Sara & I had a discussion about it and decided that it wasn’t fair for Powder and Little Bit to be imprisoned all the time. We wanted to give them away to someone we knew would take good care of them. Here’s where the stars start to align.

So, I called my friend Paul. He has had pet rats before and I thought he might be interested. No dice. No other immediate option that we could think of. With one call, we were stuck. Then, I get an invitation from another good friend. He was having a party and it happened to be on a weekend that we didn’t have my 2 8yr olds. We go to the party, I have a little too much to drink and I lose my phone. Sara gets a phone call from my phone the next morning and some kind woman wants to return it to me except she’s going fishing before I can get back out there. I ask Jason (the friend that hosted the party) to get it and being a good friend, he does. Not only that, his dad was babysitting his daughter and the dad lives close by me, so he will even deliver it to me. Awesome! So, I just happen to be in the bathroom when they show up and my stepson lets them in. When I walk in the room, they are smiling over the rats and it prompts the conversation. Not even 10 minutes after they leave, I get the call ‘already thought it over – we want the rats’. Their daughter was so excited when they got back to our house to pick the girls up. I knew this was the right thing to do. It happened so fast that we really didn’t even get to have any goodbye playtime, but maybe that saved a few extra tears.

It really is odd how it all played out, but in the end Powder and Little Bit found a family that is able to give them the attention they need. We’re already seeing the pictures popping up on Facebook and it’s nice in a very bittersweet kind of way, but sometimes you have to make tough decisions about the things you care about when you know there are better options out there.

Thank you Jason, Kelly and Olivia for providing a better option for our girls.


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