Not too bad of a selection to be stuck with

For some reason, I just can’t get iTunes to work properly for me. This is the 2nd computer I have tried to use it on and it still constantly fucks with me. Not only that – just like on the previous PC, I can’t seem to get an iPod to work with it consistently. Either all the links to my music are broken and I have to waste time trying to re-locate it all or it won’t recognize my ancient iPod. It’s very rare that I can get both things working at the same time. It’s really frustrating. Right now, I won’t complain too much, though because even though I only have like 60 songs loaded onto it, the rotation has been helping me get through my days at work. And of all the music I could be stuck with on the iPod, this stuff keeps me away from the skip button more than the last set I had loaded.

I first saw the Riverboat Gamblers open up for Rancid and Rise Against in 2009. It was the first concert Sara & I saw together. This is still one of my favorites by them. *By the way – this is also the song they were playing when Sara took the photo we have for sale on the Etsy store*

Next up is a band that I have just recently come to know through another blog called The Sun Burns Cold. They have quickly become one of my all time favorite bands.

I don’t even remember where we first stumbled across SFH, but they have been a constant favorite since we found them.

It was actually at a Riverboat Gamblers and Off with Their Heads show that we came across a cool band called Dead To Me. (unfortunately, they don’t have any videos recorded yet, so here’s just a plain fan video)

The Koffin Kats has been a band that has been in our iTunes for awhile now, but I haven’t really gotten into them very much until the recent release of their newest album.

Off With Their Heads was one of the opening acts at the Bad Religion show we went to last year – which by the way is also the last time I will ever venture into the House Of Blues

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3 Responses to Not too bad of a selection to be stuck with

  1. mamasamess says:

    soooo….SFH came about as an opening act for an Anti-Flag show a couple of years ago. We showed up a little late, of course, and because the first band on the bill (Devil Dolls Rock-n-Roll Side Show?) had just lost a bass player and wound up not playing, we walked in just in time to hear Niko say, “thanks, we’re the Star Fucking Hipsters”. Thank god they back around to play again before she left….

  2. Dave says:

    I was just having a discussion at work with the pizza chef about stand up bass, but I couldn’t give any examples of it’s use in the context of rock/punk/et al. except for citing some outright psychobilly bands. Now I know about Koffin Kats so I have a good example to share.
    Glad you’re digging Fucked Up, and thanks for linking SBC.

    • 1oddpapa says:

      I like the Koffin Kats because they don’t stick so tightly to the psychobilly stigma. The Horrorpops are like that too. I don’t know if it’s because they intermingle with rockabilly and punk that makes even their psychobilly songs more rich, but I have a tendency to enjoy the horror songs from these 2 bands more than other psychobilly bands.
      …and how could I not like Fucked Up? Anyone who doesn’t just might be a little bit off their trolley.
      No problem on the mention – I like to give credit where it is due, plus anyone who reads this blog might enjoy yours too. I mean we’re into a few of the same things – punk music, cooking, sarcasm, wanting to live a different life than previously… I just wish we both had a larger following. It’s nice to see when other people enjoy the same things we do

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