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Mass Book Consumption

As a child, I grew up with books around all the time. My mom actually forced my sister and I to sit down a couple hours a week and read. I was still in elementary school when I read my … Continue reading

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Cheap fun for a big family? Get the membership…

Despite a complete lack of motivation yesterday I wound up doing a lot with the kids.  The oldest was in the mood to get out and do something which is great to take advantage of.  On the table were the … Continue reading

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We Are No Longer Free

I don’t understand how everyone can walk around so blind to what is going on around us AND to be so accepting of it. Our country was built on ideals of keeping the government from being too powerful and keeping … Continue reading

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Plan + Motivation = Progress

Today I appear to be lacking the motivation part of the equation.  I had a great night, woke up nicely this morning and I have a full to-do list.  Somehow, despite all of this, I can’t seem to get moving. … Continue reading

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Some people actually get somewhere in life…the others just wander.

Unfortunately, we have to deal with a lot of stupid people and stupid situations in our life.  We both have past relationships where, sometimes, the best we can hope for is simply difficult.  What makes it worse?  The idiocy that … Continue reading

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Three Years Past (who would have known)

Three years ago I woke up and found my boyfriend of 10 years dead on the couch.  He had a heart attack.  It was March 31st and he was 36.  It was the worst experience of my life.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Where does the time go? I’ve been up for 7 hours and I have no freakin’ idea…

Easter Morning 6:00am – set the alarms to start going off so we can make sure the Easter Bunny arrives. We were just too tired to make sure last night. 6:45am – finally out of bed 7:00am – make Easter … Continue reading

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