And Now… Covers That Should’ve Never Been Recorded

So, of course, since I did my list of awesome covers, I have been driving myself (and Sara) crazy with awful covers. And what kind of selfish person would I be if I didn’t share this madness with all of you? I’ll try to keep it short so you don’t punch your computer.

Im speechless: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Paul Anka

I’m no George Michael fan, but even I can admit that this is a travesty: Faith – Limp Bizkit

I know that Chuck D isn’t really a violent man, but I wouldn’t blame him if he went out and gave Vanilla Ice the ol’ Suge Knight treatment for this one: Fight The Power – Robert Van Winkle

I remember hearing this when I was like 13 years old and I knew it sucked then. I hadn’t even heard the original yet and now I’m sorry I ever heard this piece of shit because the original is one of my favorite songs of all time: Sympathy For The Devil – Laibach

I know this was somewhat popular back in the day, but I never understood why: Anarchy For The (USA) – Megadeth

and who the fuck ever told this bitch that this was OK?: Stairway to Heaven – Dolly Parton  …and why does she look like she’s reading a children’s book?

Why?: War Pigs – Unholy Swill

And I figured I would save this little morsel as the entree to this dog shit stir fry: Hotel California – Al B. Sure

I’m sorry.

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