Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Here in the Cleveland area, there really aren’t alot of good punk shows that come through. Many of the ones that do end up going to the House Of Blues downtown and get sold out before we even have a chance to try & find a babysitter, but some of them go to the different cool little venues around like the Beachland Ballroom or Now That’s Class. The big problem that we have been having is that for some odd reason, for about a year now, the shows that we would like to go to at the venues we would like to be at, seem to always be scheduled for a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Why is that an issue? Those are the 2 nights each week that I have my son. Monday & Thursday nights he is at his mother’s house and we alternate weekends. So why are we cursed with all the good shows being on the 2 nights each week that we can’t go? A few weeks ago, it was Anti-Flag, a few others previous to that were Ballyhoo, the Necromantix, the Street Dogs and tonight – right now as I type – the Koffin Kats show is starting. It’s a cruel scene. Hopefully the good bands can start coming to Cleveland on the other days of the week so we can actually go and have some fun soon. I need a night of getting all hot and sweaty in a crowd of noisy, drunken punks. I guess for now, a good round of Borderlands is gonna have to do.

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2 Responses to Tuesdays & Wednesdays

  1. Dave says:

    Yah, I can relate. There aren’t many shows around here to begin with and the only night I have off of work is Monday. I’m actually figuring out how I can positon my vacation so as to catch Riot Fest this August, more specifically how I can get to see OFF! at Riot Fest.

  2. mamasamess says:

    rather than hoping for schedule changes, let’s try to focus our efforts on finding an “agreeable” babysitter, shall we? 😀

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