Some people actually get somewhere in life…the others just wander.

Unfortunately, we have to deal with a lot of stupid people and stupid situations in our life.  We both have past relationships where, sometimes, the best we can hope for is simply difficult.  What makes it worse?  The idiocy that we have to deal with to try to accomplish something that should be very simple like, let’s say, picking up my stepdaughter.

Her family lives, at best, in a white trash district on the outskirts of Cleveland.  At worst, we’re heading to the projects.  As if that wasn’t bad enough they’ve now been moved to a high-rise complex where there’s never parking and no one can figure out that it would be REALLY nice if they would just meet us in the lobby.

We function for efficiency because we are constantly trying to get things done. We’re not working all the time – but we get the work done so that we have time to play too.  Efficient isn’t a word in the vocabulary of anyone living in a crap neighborhood (hell, entrepreneur wasn’t in the vocabulary of my stepdaughter’s grandfather either- he had no idea what she was talking about when she came home from school with that one).  And why is that?  Because they don’t have the desire to do anything.

That’s why these people live where they do.  It’s easy – it requires minimal effort.  Why try to change and make things better for your family; make things safer so that there isn’t a sign on the door to your house that says, “if you see a stranger with a television assume they are a burglar”.  That would require motivation and, worse yet, maybe hard work!  These people don’t go anywhere, they just wander instead.

Case in point – yesterday we’re driving down to pick up my stepdaughter for Easter.  Three white trash fuckers step off the curb as the light is turning green and proceed to wander as slowly as possible across the street – cigarettes hanging from their mouths, energy drinks in their hands.  The car behind us starts to honk his horn.  Oh my god – the nerve of someone ACTUALLY TRYING TO GO SOMEWHERE!!  These three people turned around in the middle of the damn street to flip us off.  REALLY?!  Because you weren’t in the middle of traffic, right?

Don’t get me wrong – not everyone out there is stuck in this mindset.  But I say everyone who stays there must be.  Granted, I understand it’s hard.  Life is just plain hard sometimes.  To live there and be happy is one thing, to live there and try your hardest to get out is another – if you fall in the latter category, though, I bet you’re not flippin’ people off when they tell you to get out of the fucking street.  It’s not limited to the cities, either. It’s in our suburbs, too.  The people whose carts fill the isles at WalMart, who wander through the mall and the parking lots.  The people who sit down to dinner with their kids in front of the TV.  They’re just filling time.  But this is my down time, they say!  This is all I’ve got – I work my ass off all day (or all night)!  That’s fine and you’ll have to continue to do so and remain in your little rented box and don’t you dare complain about it.  It’s your own damn fault.

I’ll probably catch hell for comments like this.  I am just so sick and tired of MY LIFE being wasted, even if it’s just an instant, because the wanderers are just getting in the way.


About Mama's a Mess

Who am I and what am I doing here? Well, at the end of the day I'm a mother and a wife, a lover of classic monster movies and comic books, of music, TV and movies. I'm a sucker for pop culture. I'm a fangirl. I'm an artist. As my husband always puts it, "Baby, you're a mess!" I have a penchant for creating and collecting. I feed my brain with a mix of anything from hot rods and pin-ups to handmade and natural. I like to dig in the dirt and grow things but sometimes picture myself doing it like Donna Reed. I will always, always choose to wear a dress first. I am head over heels in love with my husband and have a fantastically crazy life with him. Follow all our adventures and musings on our blog at Twitter: @mamasamess Pinterest & Polyvore: mamasamess
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