We Are No Longer Free

I don’t understand how everyone can walk around so blind to what is going on around us AND to be so accepting of it. Our country was built on ideals of keeping the government from being too powerful and keeping the power of the country in the hands of the people. These were immigrants that were so wrongfully oppressed and taxed that they had no other choice but to leave their homes and re-build elsewhere.

Now, here we are – facing the same issues and everyone continues to ignore it and accept it as a trade-off to be safe from the “terrorists”. Let me shed a little light on this word that is thrown around so effortlessly:


1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
Think about this for a moment – when the threat level is escalated on the news, isn’t that inducing a state of fear? Isn’t this information relayed to the media directly from governmental sources? And when is the last time you have seen your local convenience store owner unloading an AK-47 from the trunk of his car? Normally, the Muslims I meet are very kind and timid people.
It is easy for the government to pass laws that benefit their desires in the name of terrorism. Further more, it is easy for them to place a face on this threat so as to distract us from their own brand of fear manipulation. They easily herd the sheep into a God-fearing sense of patriotism when they point a finger at an entirely different religion from a different culture in a different region of the world, after all, who is going to argue it? Everything we need to know about these people is right there on Fox News, right?

This photo was taken of police arresting protestors at Occupy DC

Once all the information is spelled out for us on the news and everyone is frightened for their lives, how could we deny new laws being written to protect us from the boogeyman terrorist? Laws like the Patriot Act that undoes the terrorists’ protection from unlawful search and seizure. Laws like the National Defense Authorization Act that will allow citizens to be held indefinitely without trial because they have some ties to terrorist organizations and can become a threat later. The new building of a huge communications monitoring system will collect data from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, apps and any other sources that potential terrorists can be identified from. Now we’ll all be safe, won’t we?

Now think about this – with a stockpile of information like that, wouldn’t it be easy for someone with even a mild set of computer skills to manipulate all that information about you and make you appear to be a terrorist? It wouldn’t be very hard for them to do that to me, that’s for sure. If the government were to decide to name you a terrorist, how would you defend against that accusation? Especially if they are detaining you indefinitely and they are gathering every piece of personal information to use against you from your social network sites and your home. Have you ever said anything that can be easily misconstrued? Have you ever been involved in something that can be linked to anyone that may be undesirable to public opinion (Don’t forget that you don’t really know what your friends’ families are up to)?
Now think about this – if you decided that you are tired of being treated like a slave by the government and wanted to fight back, wouldn’t just the gathering of other protesters be enough for the government to manipulate public patriotism against you and label you a terrorist?
These laws are a cocktail that has been concocted against us in the name of a misdirected enemy. The fact of the matter is that the United States government is the largest terrorist organization in the world right now and is setting up police stations (military occupation) in every country in the world (next up, Iran) so as to take complete control. The citizens of this country need to wake up take control again. We can’t wait any longer because the fact is that we may already be too late. Once Big Brother is monitoring every facet of information we share, we run the risk of being stolen from our homes if we were to say one word against our government. The freedom of speech means nothing when your words can be twisted into seeming like terrorist rantings
If you really want to be patriotic, you will fight against governmental oppression just like the founders of this nation did because that’s what the Constitution is truly about.
Keeping quiet means the end of Democracy
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