From This Day Forward, I Am A Rich Man

Lately, Sara an I have had our hands in about a thousand different things and these things have been taking alot of our money. Yes, we have made a few lifestyle changes that have saved us some money, but no matter what we save, there is more to be spent. A big problem in this issue is the time that we have to spend at work in order to get the money we need to spend on these things. We have been in a constant struggle to figure out how to balance our time, our income and the way we spend our money. Our focus has to change or this cycle will continue. I have decided that we will wrap up the few things we have in play right now and then move our life in a new direction.

In order to change things, I ask myself, “What do I wish to accomplish?”. Well, first and foremost, I want our kids to never have to deal with the bullshit of  the grind. How can they avoid the grind? To be above the grind. How can they be above the  grind? Become rich.

OK, so all I have to do is teach them how to be rich. No problem. Except for the fact that I am not rich, so how can I teach them how to do something that I myself have not learned  to do? Simple answer – learn it    …and this is what I intend to do.

Whenever Sara & I want to do something that we don’t yet know how to do, we simply find information on it and learn it. Together, we have learned how to brew beer, screen print t-shirts, make soap, grow a garden, landscape our yard with edible plants and I’m sure there are several other things that she will remind me about after she reads this post. So, why can’t we also find information on how to become rich?

“Well, Bryan, if that kind of information is that easy to find, then everyone would be rich”, right? My answer to this is a simple no. The truth of  the matter is that the information is out there and if it’s not handed to them, most people are just too lazy to look for it themselves. There are several self-made millionaires in the world that have learned to do it on their own and many of those same self-made millionaires share tips on how to succeed financially. Also, when Sara & I focus on something, we accomplish it simply because of sheer ambition and a clear sense of how to think about it. This is exactly the approach we will take to accomplish this goal too.

So, from this day forward I will shrug off any fear I have of money issues. After all, how can money truly effect you if you don’t let it control you? Money is no longer backed on the gold standard, so therefore money is an illusion and it is only made real by the people that believe in it. I believe that the rich already know this and that is why money is always easy for them to play with. Since I already understand this fact, I believe I am already a rich man, I just need to find where I pull my money from.

Many people will read this and think I have really lost my mind now and that my ‘get rich’ ship has sailed, but as we learn and invest, we will blog our endeavors to show our progress.

This is the moment the path to exit the labyrinth starts to open.

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