A Letter To The Children Of The World

Dear child,

Please don’t hate me simply because I am an American. Those American soldiers you see doing scary things in your country are only doing what they are told to do. They are being lied to by our government and they don’t always know that many of your family members that they take away are innocent. Our government has become tyrants who are drunk with power and lies to the soldiers like they lie to me. Every day, more and more Americans become aware of the awful things our government is doing and we wish to stop this. We have heard your cries for support and we see through the lies they tell us. Real change is coming. Not change promised by a politician, but change in the hearts of the people. They are taking away our freedoms because they are scared of the collective power of the American people. They wish to keep us quiet. They wish to label us as terrorists so people won’t listen to what we say. They make new laws to control us and try to mask it as a way to protect us. They know they will lose their power over us soon if they can’t silence this movement of information from peaceful, caring people who are tired of being restrained. So, please keep in mind that when these awful things continue to happen, there is hope following it. The numbers of American people who speak up on your behalf are growing and hopefully soon the sound will reverberate around the world. We love you as our own because we know that you are not a foreigner of another country, but a human being of this Earth that we all share. Please have patience. ‘American’ is not as ugly a word as it seems.


One of many

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