I love my iPod

Earlier this evening, Sara starts playing all these awesome old punk songs while we were sitting in the office on the computers, so naturally, I’m like “Babe, what are you into over there?” and she tells me about this blog from Joey Cape of Lagwagon titled ‘11 Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Punk‘. I’m all like “wow- that’s a pretty cool idea- I’d like to do that too”, but first I want to check out his. From what she had played so far, it’s a pretty awesome list that brings up several old memories from when I was a kid and of course, when I try to pull it up on my computer, it gives me a ton of headaches (because if you didn’t already know, my computer is a pain in the dick to deal with). So, instead of using the link she directed me to, I tried searching it directly and apparently, half the punk bands in the world have done the same thing – so that shoots the idea of me wanting to do that because, frankly, you can just google that blog title and probably find most of the bands I would list anyway. So, instead, I think – you know what? Alot of people talk about bands that influenced them and music they grew up on, but how many of them STILL listen to that stuff when they’re in their mid-thirties? Well, my answer to that is – let me get my iPod and see what happens when I put it on shuffle and list what comes up. I actually already went back like 30 songs and the list that came up was so awesome, I don’t think you would’ve believed me, so I figure, I’ll just re-shuffle and list the first baker’s dozen that rolls out, with only 2 rules: I cannot skip any out of embarrassment, but I will skip a repeat band. So, here it goes:

Yes, it’s actually the Joaquin Phoenix version, not the Johnny Cash one that is on my iPod

So, I guess the beer I’m drinking suggested to me that a baker’s dozen is something in the realm of 20 instead of 13 . Thank you, wonderful beer, for being so persistent- this was fun.

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One Response to I love my iPod

  1. 1oddpapa says:

    oops – I guess I doubled up on the SFH. Fuck it

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