The New Green Order

Alright, so I know I have been kinda scarce on the blog scene lately and I truly apologize to our 2 or 3 faithful followers that may have been wondering what’s been going on. I almost feel like it’s too much to put into one post, but I’ll try. So, where did we leave off? I think the last time Sara & I were active on here was when we were having ‘The Great Deer Dilemma 2012’. Well, unfortunately, with the current regulations in our fine fucking city coupled with the drought-like conditions this summer, the deer overpopulate our area and the shit for them to eat does not. Needless to say – they won. We chase the deer away, scare them, build tall barriers around our garden, spray flavors onto our plants that the deer normally will shy away from, but they still get in and eat all of our plants. Even the stuff they don’t like, simply because they are hungry as hell and there are too many of them. Maybe if they could start eating weeds, it wouldn’t be an issue, but no, apparently our veggies are just too damn good to pass up. Anyway, the new plan is in place and we are currently trying to band others in our community together to force the city to stop avoiding this issue and until it gets resolved through legislation, we will be building a garden fortress for next year.

After putting so much time & effort into the garden, we’ve also been in & out of court with my son’s mother over his custody arrangement. We had alot to take care of with what turned out to be a very successful first ‘complete family’ vacation (I think Sara will be working on a post all about that soon). We were also fortunate enough to have my daughter come stay with us for the entire summer and even more fortunate that we were able to work it out with her mother to have her stay here for school now too. Since we decided not to host hockey players anymore, we have also been working on the upstairs to make a more reasonable bedroom for my stepson and open the rest of the upstairs up into what we are hoping to be a pretty awesome gameroom (which, by the way, if I can’t find one cheap enough in the next year, I might have to build a pool table). That isn’t even the end of the remodeling, either – we have torn out a wall in our dining room, re-tiled the kitchen & hallway floors, you’ve seen the work we put into the courtyard already and I haven’t even gotten the chance to start my brewing room in the basement yet. *I have to admit that part of the reason for that was due to a cat that apparently died just outside the ‘cellar door’ that leads into our basement, which in turn had rain-washed a bunch of maggots under said door and gave us a rather nasty fly problem down there for a couple weeks. Hence, I was kinda grossed out by working down there for awhile. But now, all flies are murdered & gone and I can return to our regularly scheduled programming.*

Now, with all these loose ends that still need work and a beer store (<–understatement) to start planning, we’re going to make ourselves crazy by cramming our time a little more with blogging too? FUCK YEAH! Why not? That’s what we do. And frankly, I think when the pressure is on is when we do our best work. I have some cleaning and reorganizing to do in the creative zone of the house so we can focus our efforts a little better, but I think we’re finally reaching a place where it’s not all just scattered, chaotic, semi-developed madness and things are getting finished, we have room to breathe, places to store things and less clutter to be stored. We are finally making progress into the New Green Family Order and it’s really becoming the life that we are meant to live.

My next creative project to insert into the plans – I want to design a family crest for us to symbolize this amazing life and give our family something to show the rest of the world that this is us and this is ours and you can’t take it away because it has a meaning that you might be able to understand, but is ours alone to keep.

Maybe I’ll even carve it into a plank of wood to hang over our garden fortress next year. Damn, I love my family

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