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About The Ignorant Islamic Protests…

I have been listening all week about the nonsensical protests and rioting in the Islamic world and frankly, I’m tired of this shit. It’s bad enough that we have the fucking Christians constantly trying to enforce their religious values on … Continue reading

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Watch Movies, Not Crappy TV Shows

Not too long ago, we shrugged off our connection to network TV by eliminating our ridiculous cable bill. We kept our internet connection and use only Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus for our TV shows. There are 2 shows – … Continue reading

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Since when is a dog worth more than child?

Right now we are going through one of the biggest challenges I hope to ever imagine.  We don’t talk about it in detail much.  We can’t necessarily talk about it much in case our words are chewed up and spit … Continue reading

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Phases: Chapter 2

Somewhere along the lines during my young punk days, I think I was out back with Greg fucking around with a can of lighter fluid or something and my sister had gotten home or just came outside or whatever the … Continue reading

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Finally…a project done! A vintage slide chandelier….

I’m a pinterest addict, as I’ve mentioned before.  As a result I have amassed a collection of recipes, project ideas, photos and other random stuff so big that I can’t begin to understand how I might tackle everything I’d like … Continue reading

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My yarn on the streets of Manchester

Bryan and I came across a great page posting events and art out of the U.K. a while back.  The Yarnbomb Consortium, in their words, “is an international collaborative urban yarn-work Initiative” as well as a page with a great … Continue reading

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My Top Love Songs…today

A while back Bryan and I were poking around online (of course). We started down the path of punk love songs, thanks to this link on my facebook page last night. So I started down my own path of favorite … Continue reading

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