Lockouts and Rolemodels

red wings hossa lidstromWe are a hockey family.

When I was around 13/14 years old my dad took me to my first game.  It was around 1990 and we finally had a minor league team back in Cleveland.  We went opening night and I was hooked.  He would tell me the stories from when he and my mom were season ticket holders back in the 60s/70s when hockey had a true home in Cleveland.  This was when there wasn’t glass separating the fans from the ice – there was chicken wire.  That way when two guys crashed into the boards the fans could grab at their jerseys through the holes.  Oh, I wish I could have been there then….

watching the Wings, next to the bench, in 2009.

I had the pleasure of passing all of that on to my son and sharing it with my new family.  For a number of years we shared it with some amazing kids by helping to give them the opportunity to play the game at a higher level, all the while keeping them in a family environment.  Billeting is tradition at many levels of hockey.  People open their doors to strangers and treat them like they are their own.  Even the pros do it – Sidney Crosby has lived with Mario Lemieux and his family for years.  I believe this practice is one of the reasons why hockey players are so down to earth. You’d never find a rookie hockey player running around acting like Lebron James.

Now I hear rumblings of a lockout.  My initial reaction, given the state of the economy right now?  I don’t want to hear ANYONE talking about wanting more money.  There’s a flaw in this, though.  In the video below they state that the NHL made $3.3 billion dollars in gross revenue in 2011. Now, bear in mind there are some pretty hefty salaries to come from that – roughly half of that revenue goes to payroll with the avg salaries ranging from 1.3M on the low end (NY Islanders) to almost $3.2M on the high end (Buffalo Sabres).  I can’t quite comprehend how athletic salaries got to where they are today.  Meanwhile, hockey is a drop in the bucket compared to other major leagues (the NBA is easily twice that).  The system of professional sports as a whole is broken.  Mid-class people drop hundreds of dollars to take their families to watch these games (don’t even get me started on the concessions).  How do you ever go back though?

The NHL supposedly wants players to receive a smaller portion of the record revenue that’s coming in.  While I don’t agree with the amount of money moving through these systems, I say if the owners and league are going to continue to drive revenue to the levels it has been and beyond why shouldn’t the players continue to get increasing stock in that?  They’re the ones who  put their bodies on the line every day for our entertainment.  They’re the ones who fill those stands.  You can’t expect to fix just one part of a broken system.

So, beyond all that, I’m really not a sports person.  I would never have imagined writing a post like this.  But I watched this video and here I am this morning wrapping up a post that would probably be ripped apart by many the sports fanatic.  I really could care less – I’m not interested in any debate.  I just LOVE hockey.


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3 Responses to Lockouts and Rolemodels

  1. Dave says:

    Hockey games are like the only organized sporting events that I’ve gone to and truly enjoyed. I love hockey games, though I’ve never been to an NHL one. Saw the Spokane Chiefs play over a dozen times when I was a kid, and I saw a couple Tacoma Rockets games when I was in my early twenties. I can’t watch it on tv cause my eyes are so bad I can’t see the puck or anything, but though I haven’t been to a game in ages I still love the sport.

  2. Dave says:

    Oh, and I think hockey players deserve more money than basketball players-but I think athletes in general are ridiculously overvalued in our society. But, you know, even if the NHL folded outright tomorrow people would still be playing hockey and going to hockey games. I don’t think they understand that, none of these professional sports leagues-if they were gone as a business enterprise people would still play sports and there would still be sports fans.
    I dunno, I just forgot to say that cause I was all stoked on showing you that Hanson Brothers video. How fucking cool is a Canadian hockey punk band named after the Hanson brothers from Slap Shot? It’s the guys from NOMEANSNO too, so that makes it even better.

  3. mamasamess says:

    I believe hockey people are a different kind of people. Proof in point above….I love it!

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