About The Ignorant Islamic Protests…

I have been listening all week about the nonsensical protests and rioting in the Islamic world and frankly, I’m tired of this shit. It’s bad enough that we have the fucking Christians constantly trying to enforce their religious values on the public, but now the Islamic nation wants to try to tell us how to censor ourselves? All week, I’ve heard people complain that my country should watch what we say about their religion, but does your country not constantly bash and make fun of Americans and Christians? Hypocrites. I’ve heard these people justify the killing of an American Embassy member, brushing his death of as collateral damage to the anger incited by a movie made by someone he didn’t even know. I’ve heard these people say that we should respect their culture while they are trying desperately to subdue ours.

You know what I have to say about that? GO FUCK YOURSELVES! We don’t look at things that happen in your country and take to the streets finding random Arabs and killing them because we’re upset about how you allow the stoning of a raped woman. We don’t propose to restrict the way you conduct your language in your own country. And we damn well don’t tell you that you have to shut up about how we conduct ourselves in our country while you are whining over there in yours. Don’t you even realize how fucking hypocritical you’re being by trying to demand that we respect your culture while you are simultaneously trying to repress ours? We have the freedom of speech in our country. You may not like it, but we don’t fucking care. We don’t like some of the things you do, but we’re not tearing up our own cities over it. The person who made the references to your beloved prophet did so here in America, where he had the legal right to do so. So, if you don’t like what people say or do in America, then keep your fucking nose right there in your own goddamn country. Don’t peek into my window and try to tell me how to eat my dinner. It’s mine, I’m in my house & I have the right to eat it any damn way I please while in my house. If you don’t like what Americans post on the internet, then don’t watch American  made videos on the internet. It’s really that fucking simple.

I will not lay down and censor myself simply because  you’re a bunch of crybaby pussies that can’t even follow the words of your own leaders. Was it not Muhammad who had said “Not mine is the responsibility for rearranging your affairs. When thou seest men engaged in vain discourse about our signs, turn away from them unless they turn to a different theme”? That sure as hell doesn’t sound like “If they say something bad about me, throw a temper tantrum and kill someone”.  If you believe so deeply in the word and existence of your prophets and your gods, then you should just see these statements of ‘blasphemy’ as things that the blasphemer will have to atone for when facing Allah in the afterlife. It’s not your place to tell another culture what to do simply because it gets under your skin.

Fuck you. Get over yourselves.

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2 Responses to About The Ignorant Islamic Protests…

    • 1oddpapa says:

      I’ll have to read it more thoroughly later, but I did skim it a bit just now. If you’re trying to point out that the killings and the initial attacks were fueled by Al-Queda, I already knew that (I’ve been listening to NPR all week), but my comments were directed more toward the general idea of wanting silence and the senseless violence that the Islamic world is causing Americans – even if we aren’t Christian. It’s truly ignorant and I’m just over it. I have even defended these people to Christians and now, I just feel like they need to fight it out and let the rest of us pick up the pieces when they kill each other off.

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